When you find yourself stuck and stagnant in your life because you are unable to let go of the past, then consider bringing your focus and attention back to the present. Remember right now, in this very moment is ALL THAT EXISTS. The past has already happened and the future is yet to unfold.

There is a tremendous point of power when you work with the magic that currently resides in one moment to the next. Fear falls away, anxiety dissipates and you are invited to ride on the wave of stillness. This stillness is paired with an all-pervading intuitive understanding that all is well.

There is pure peace in this moment.

Tune in. Can you feel it?

When you are fully present, you become grounded and a new level of awareness appears which allows you to witness life unfolding in Divine order. With this understanding you can move through life releasing all that falls away behind you.

The past will continuously drop away, like a snake shedding old skin. Be mindful though that if you keep placing your thoughts in the past and re-live painful memories then you are actively creating your future with the burdening vibrations of yesterday. However, when you turn your attention to right now (this moment) then you deactivate the energetic hold your past has over you and you consciously choose to pave an exciting new future one moment at a time.

It’s time to let go of the past. NOW.

Here is a Dear Universe manifesting “treatment” for you to affirm. Say this as an invocation to prompt deep and profound transformation in your life.

Dear Universe,  May I be grounded and present in this moment. May I release the stronghold of the past and consciously move forward into an empowered, exciting and joyful future. So be it, so it is.


Love this? Listen to it as a meditation. xo

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