Would you call yourself a jealous person in any way? Are you able to truly feel and celebrate the success of others? Or are you always making it all about yourself and feel like something is rightfully yours before anyone else can experience it? But what if you can’t feel happy when others are happy?

Seeing other people that have effortlessly managed to manifest their desires can be a huge emotional trigger and reason for distress. I remember the time following my miscarriages that I would all of a sudden see pregnant people everywhere or friends would be announcing that they were “expecting”. I even had people that would hide their happy news from me because they didn’t want to upset me since I was having such a rough time. I think it all boils down to grace and being aware enough to not take everything so personally.

At Christmas time last year, I was shopping in Whole Foods and I heard two elderly ladies conversing and then ending their interaction.

One of the women said: ‘I wish for you what I wish for myself.’

She reached out and held both of the other lady’s hands and there was a lovely energetic exchange of consciousness.

I thought this was incredibly beautiful. To me it was like a gracious twist on the old ‘do unto others’ quote from the Bible. This phrase also spoke very deep volumes of what it actually requires to raise your vibration and BE the essence of that which you desire. This practice is not for the faint-hearted because it can be extremely confronting for sure.

Part of moving into this new phase of awareness in your life is to examine the people that you surround yourself with. How will they impact your life in the future? The fastest way to tell if someone in your life is toxic is how they are able to celebrate the joy in your life without making it about themselves. Of course, in any friendship or relationship you should construct a mutually beneficial support system where there is lot of give and a lot of take, but not just take, take, take. Sometimes you can even have people in your life that want to sabotage your success because they don’t feel very good about themselves. These people will poo on your parade like nobody’s business. Sometimes it’s so subtle you don’t even know that they are slowly chiseling away at your sense of self.

Metaphysical remedy: Dance to this song and FEEL the power of the energy of celebration. 

When you get out of your own head and you give, from a place of not expecting anything in return, then you will experience emotional freedom. It will distract you from suffering or anything crappy happening in your life right now and give you an opportunity to lead from your soul. The good news is that life is cyclic and that as time progresses you will heal your wounds or perceived difficulties and turn them into wisdom.

“Beg of God the removal of envy, that God may deliver you from externals, and bestow upon you an inward occupation, which will absorb you so that your attention is not drawn away.” – RUMI

Here’s the thing I want you to consider: be happy for the success of others. Because if you can’t, there is no way under the sun that you will be able to embody your own happy events when they happen in your life.


Wishing you what I would wish for myself: health, abundance, joy, love and peace. xo

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