During the holidays it’s all about spending time with loved ones; eating yummy food (hopefully nutritious food) and feeling grateful.  But as people that consciously acknowledge that we have the power to create our own reality, are you able to get into the space emotionally where you are grateful for any of the bad things or pain you have experienced in your life? It’s a tough one, but a valuable tool for your spiritual toolbox.

For me, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change anything that has happened over the years (good or bad) to get me to where I am today.  Hindsight is indeed a blessing and time does heal all wounds. The key is to always feel grateful when you are riding out the eye of the emotional storm.

I got the opportunity to share this random spiritual lesson with someone recently and today I wanted to share it with you too….

A few days ago I was in a hurry to get back to the office, but I needed to fill up the car with gas. I swiped my credit card and a nifty little message displayed which said: “See the cashier.”

Ugh. My level of patience instantly dwindled. At nearly 9 months pregnant and limited time, I didn’t want to have to walk (waddle) into the store, wait, converse and pay.

On my way in there a toothless man held the door open for me, which was so sweet. Having a giant bump makes people more polite and considerate, that’s for sure.

“How much longer do you have to go?” Said the cashier.

I’d say the guy was in his early 30s. He hadn’t spoken a word to the 3 people that were served before me.

“Late December. I responded.

And then he said something that made me realize why my card wasn’t being read at the pump. I needed to be there in that store at that point in time.

“My wife and I lost a pregnancy at 10 weeks recently. It was so hard to deal with. Honestly, one of the hardest losses of my life. We’ve both been really sad, especially my wife.”

My heart sank. I could feel his pain and also the glaring reminder of his loss being triggered by my giant belly. I knew and remembered how that felt.

“I’m so sorry. I know what it’s like, I really do. I’ve lost 6 babies, but this is baby number 4 for me. I was even told once by a doctor that it would be impossible to have a child of my own.”

He looked at me in total shock.

“Six losses? How did you cope? How did you keep trying?”

His curiosity and his openness was so soulfully refreshing. You don’t find that many dudes at a gas station that want to open up about miscarriage and processing grief.

I went on to explain that it was one of the hardest times in my life to lose 5 babies in just months but I wouldn’t change anything even if I could. In fact, I felt GRATEFUL for the experiences. I told him to keep the faith and keep believing that his baby would show up in perfect Divine timing. I told him how incredibly grateful I was for each tiny heartbeat and the time they were able to stay alive.

We had a mutual exchange of compassion and gratitude that transformed the energy of my day.

You see, when we share from a place of vulnerability, from our hearts, we activate the core essence and beauty of humanity.

It flows through all of us, all the time, and we just have to remember to slow the eff down and see each moment as a beautiful opportunity to feel grateful. Keep in mind it doesn’t just have to be a one day “Thanksgiving” event, you can live your whole entire life being filled with appreciation for what shows up in your reality, no matter what.

So next time you feel pissed off that your day is taking a little detour, try and remind yourself that it might be because you are being guided to help someone, to inspire them, connect with them and show them that hope, compassion and gratitude are a powerful transformational force as we move through life.

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