We’ve all heard it before: “You are what you eat.”

Another version of this is: “Thoughts become things.”

It essentially navigates us away from the core truth of conscious creation and that is The Law of Vibration.

The real juice behind understanding what makes you the very way you are today is to reflect on the vibration (or the energy) you have been offering on a moment by moment basis to bring you to this point.

To break it down and super-simplify it means that if your vibe-dial is constantly set to being disgruntled and disappointed then you will always draw more of the same into your reality.

The beautiful flipside to this coin is that the more you appreciate and fill your heart with gratitude and take conscious action, then the more life will roll into your reality a hell of a lot more smoothly.

Everything under the sun and within this Universe is in a constant state of motion. Everything is energy. But we must remember that the way we choose to speak, the things we consume, the people we surround ourselves with all carry a vibration and governs our own frequency.

The Universe is constantly tuned in and responding to your vibrational frequency.

“So how do you gently guide your vibration to transform your current reality?”

I get asked this question all the time in my private Law of Attraction mastermind group.

The answer is simple…

1. Cultivate awareness of how you feel in each moment.

Make sure that your mood is always looking for the silver lining and for things to feel good about. Smile more, have fun, relax, take good care of yourself.

*Note: You need to also allow yourself to flow with negative feelings and not make them wrong if they do show up. Just know the difference between habitual flow-blocking patterns and just having an “off” few days which is totally fine.

2. Meditate to keep your intuitive channel clear.

Surrendering to the power of the Universe and spending time merging with the flow of Oneness as a powerful reminder that we are all interconnected is vital to maintain a high-vibe frequency. If you separate yourself from others and choose fear over LOVE then your vibration will be lowered.

3. Keep your surroundings and your environment clutter-free.

Having too much stuff and disorder in your home and office can suppress your energy and make it stagnate. On of the fastest ways to increase your vibration is to declutter your immediate surroundings.

4. Ask and reflect.

“What vibration am I offering in this moment? Will it create the reality I desire or create more tension?” <— Ask yourself this any time you feel conflicted thoughts or doubt, fear or anxiety rise up.

Ultimately, remembering that ‘You Are What You Vibrate’ is supposed to be a fun way to engage with the flow of the Universe and tune into all good things that are headed in your direction. xo

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