Do you get super excited by a brand-spankin’ new journal? Do you love the beautiful anticipation of whitespace on a blank piece of paper? Do you enjoy taking the time to map out your future and set powerful intentions?

If you do, then I’m guessing that you don’t wait until New Year to bust out the resolutions because you know that it runs MUCH deeper than that. You know and trust that manifesting takes careful planning, lashings of inspiration, motivation and a huge scooping of heartfelt bravery.

Setting intentions is your own beautiful and intimate ritual – it’s the conversation that you’re initiating with the Universe that says:

‘Listen up Cosmic Entities: I AM READY TO STEP INTO ACTION!’.

Intention setting is the first step in the manifesting process.

It is the kick-starting spark and creative power that pushes our desires to be heard by the Universe so the Law of Attraction can work her magic.

Every year on New Year’s Eve (and sometimes before) I write out a list of the things (goals, dreams, wishes and desires) that I want to manifest. I set the intentions for things that I want to manifest and then the way I want to feel in the process of creating it. It’s my own personal little ritual. This year though, I found that so many things on my “wishlist” were manifesting that I needed to upgrade it and dream even bigger dreams for myself.

However, there are 3 very important elements that must be considered when you’re about to embark on the delicious journey inward to set intentions from your heart.

And they are…


In order to gain clarity about what you really want to manifest in your life, you’ll need to dive in deep and ask yourself some powerful questions. Getting clear about the WHY you want things is crucial.

For instance… if you intend to manifest a Porsche so that you can drive to your ex’s house and show him how hot and rich you are, then you’re not dreaming up a better life for yourself from a place of balance. Obviously it’s coming from a place of spite and shallowness – which is a call from your soul to heal that shit.

Just remember, if you can’t wish the same thing for someone else, then you won’t be able to manifest it for yourself. Meditate on that one for a moment.

Clarity is all about zoning in on the areas of your life that need more ILLUMINATION. Get clear about how you want to feel more than the “stuff”. This means that when material things make your intention setting list you can FEEL good about it without just focussing on the material side of things.

Power Question: How will {insert desired intention here} make you feel?


When setting your intentions you must remember that the Universe LOVES, adores, and thrives on specificity. When you’re not clear and concise about the specific details of what you wish to manifest then you leave yourself open to manifesting by default. Believe it or not, but most people do it this way!

Just remember that if you set the intention to just ‘lose weight’ you could be asking for a tummy bug that would make you sick enough to lose weight fast (which you’d probably gain back quickly) or worse yet, you could lose an arm or a leg! Now I know this sounds morbid, but rotten things can happen to people that don’t dive into the beautiful details and design their life the way they really want to.

I once set the intention to receive a gift from the Universe within 24 hours. I didn’t say what I would like or enjoy, I just stated ‘GIFT’ without specific details. Within about 18 hours a random dude on Facebook messaged me an up-close and personal photo of HIS JUNK!!! What was really funny is the fact he told me it was a ‘gift’ from him to me. Y-U-C-K-Y. No thanks Buddy.

See? Be specific.

Power Question: How can I describe with the tiniest detail the way {insert desired intention here} would look, feel, and perhaps arrive into my current reality?


I have thousands of manifesting students all around the world and the one thing that always makes me laugh is how people don’t anticipate that there is really exciting work to conduct when you ‘wake up’ and consciously start creating the life of your dreams. Your role is to remove any energetic blocks that are getting in your way. This could be in the form of removing toxic relationships from your life, you could examine your language patterns, you could start to look after your body in a whole new way…

The idea is that you are changing your vibration through being AWARE of how to manage your energy towards your desired outcome. YOU MUST TAKE ENERGETIC ACTION.

+ Make that vision board
+ Surround yourself with people that inspire you
+ Read success stories to spark your levels of inspiration.

Power Question: How can I activate my vibration to attract {insert desired intention here}? What can I remove or add to my life that will close the gap between intention and manifestation?

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