Transforming Your Mindset to Expect Miracles

I sat at my desk thinking about the nature of manifesting – actually, how nature manifests. I was reminded in a classic book from the 19th century New Thought writer, Ursula Gestefeld that:

‘Manifestation is the Purpose of Existence’.

Indeed this is a powerful truth because as humans we are reliant on things appearing in our reality in order to survive. We must manifest a roof over our heads, food to eat, water to drink and people to love. These necessities are the product of intention and manifestation.

It made me inquire at a deeper level about the process of manifestation in nature and how much we typically take it for granted. Instead, we should use it as an effective teaching mechanism to remind us of our own innate power to create and that obviously something comes from nothing. Meaning, no thing.

Manifestation is supposed to be effortless like it was when we were infants, yet we quite often get in our own way.

It’s Winter here in Las Vegas. Even though this place is in the basin of the Mojave Desert we still see bountiful snow on the mountains and the deciduous trees shedding their leaves down to the bare bones of their branches.

I’m reminded of this when I see the old apple tree that is growing in my neighbor’s garden. Its branches hang over our fence. I’ve watched this tree transform over the last 10 months that we have lived here in this home. It has produced many apples that still appear to be rotting, clinging for dear life on the bald boughs. The tree looks all lifeless, twiggy, barren and sad.

However, the cyclic nature of growth means that I know fresh new leaves will sprout forth in the springtime. I remember and trust this will happen. What now appears as brown and lifeless will bounce back with green vibrant growth within a matter of weeks. I can already see tiny new shoots starting to appear.

So why don’t we trust ourselves as much as we trust the cycle of nature? The sun rises, the moon phases pass, the stars appear at night and the water stays in the ocean. Yet it’s hard to believe that our own lives will shift, will change, or possibly transform in the same beautiful way that the apple tree regenerates and renews.

It’s our honor to remember that the invisible realm will arrange for things to manifest when we release the resistance we place around it. If we train our minds to expect miracles and know (at a deep cellular level that anything is possible) then our experiences will radically change for the better.

Everything is energy and the more we mimic the trust we have in nature, the more our lives will flow with ease and with grace.

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