If you would love to manifest more awesome stuff into your life like love, happiness, prosperity or abundance, then you NEED to stop saying the 6 following words.

This hefty little list of words is responsible for being used in your day-to-day language patterns and can literally imprint your consciousness with tiny energetic blocks. Although it might not seem like a big deal, the energy and vibration that we sub or unconsciously attach to these words can be the difference between a life flowing with abundance or a blockage in the vibe-pipe of goodness flowing into your reality from the Universe. Ready to manifest?  Read the Post or Listen to the Podcast below now:

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So here goes…

1. Hate

To ‘hate’ something or someone can be used so casually in conversation, but it actually is one of the top pieces of language that fuels drama addiction and prompts a person to seek out negative things to simply use as conversational pieces. When you become more conscious of the words you choose to use, then your world begins to transform around you.  For instance: “Don’t you just hate this cold weather?”

This statement might seem meaningless, but it discourages the essence of appreciation and gratitude, which is where the magic of manifesting resides.

Metaphysical remedy: Look for things to appreciate and converse about. It will raise your vibration and make you feel happier.

2. Should

The word “should” is almost always loaded with expectations that are being hurled at another human being unfairly.  For instance: “He should call his kids more often.”

This statement is fueling the fire for resentment to grow within your own heart if your expectations aren’t being met. Let people be responsible for their own actions and don’t “should” on them. You actually create a newfound sense of freedom within your own heart, which feels fabulous.

Metaphysical remedy: Make your expectations clear and invite people to be open to all possibilities rather than telling them what they “should” or should not do.

3. Yes (with moderation, and a filter)

Are you a people pleaser? Someone that says “yes” all the time because you don’t want to upset another person or rock the boat?

Metaphysical remedy: Create an incubation period for yourself of 24-48 hours where you don’t give a yes or no answer to important decisions unless you feel it strongly in your heart. This is the ultimate act of self care.

4. Broke/Poor

How often do you affirm that you’re broke, that you don’t have much money or that you’re poor? The Universe hears this as an affirmation and responds accordingly. In order for you to attract what you want into your life, you need to start BEING what you want. This starts by how we use I AM statements.

Metaphysical remedy: Check out my powerful affirmations that help to rewire your soul to attract abundance, love and happiness into your life.

5. Never

Just never say never. Yes, create boundaries and state to the Universe what you want to create in your life, but when you say that you’ll “never” do something (especially when it’s a statement made with passion) it tends to manifest to challenge your soul to grow.

I used to say that I would “never” date anyone younger. It was a fiercely held belief in my heart that it’s something that I just wouldn’t do no matter what. The love of my life turned out to be 5 years younger than I am, so I decided to retract my “never” policy which was the best decision I have ever made in my life.

Metaphysical remedy: Open your heart to all possibilities.

6. Shame

Have you ever said: “Shame on you!”?

Ouch. This is a nasty one. Shame isn’t a good feeling, and to fling the word “shame” in someone’s direction isn’t very nice. Here’s the thing to remember, the energy that you put out there always comes back to you with uncanny accuracy. You want to get your soul into a space where you can always lead with love and compassion.

Metaphysical remedy: Remember that shame “never” instigates change.

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