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3 Prosperity Secrets to Manifest Abundance

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I want to share with you 3 Prosperity Secrets to Manifest Abundance and these elements will not be things that you have probably heard of before in this very specific sequence. I'm going to share with you the Perpetual Loop of Purpose. If you're struggling with feeling stressed about bills or that life isn't showing up for you in the way you would like it to, this episode is to guide your energy to a new and inspired space of understanding.

In this episode, you will learn about…

[1:00] Set this powerful intention with me
[1:34] Defining abundance on your own terms
[2:36] My personal journey from poverty to prosperity
[4:40] Remembering the power of gratitude
[10:11] The Universe Wants You to be ABUNDANT
[11:20] The Universe Wants You to be of SERVICE
[13:22] The Universe Wants You to INSPIRE others
[14:12] The primary purpose of life
[17:15] Do the work – write out the affirmations


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