We all want to know if we’re on the right track or not when it comes to our belief in The Law of Attraction. Most of us have watched ‘The Secret’ and then wondered where the hell our stuff is and why it hasn’t manifested yet. You might be a super-hero when it comes to manifesting pennies, or car spaces, but what about the big intentions that you’ve set for yourself? How do you know that the Universe is giving you little Divine winks that you’re on the right track and that your call has been connected?

As a follow-up to this wildly successful post called 7 Signs The Law of Attraction is working for you. Here is the even better list of divine confirmation that your goodies are indeed in the process of being released from the spirit realm…

1. Events, invitations and opportunities begin to snowball into your life.

Perhaps you have experiecned tumbleweeds rolling around on the horizon line of your life for the last few years and now the energy of action begins to trickle into your world at a fast and furious pace. This is a sign that life is starting to support your intentions. Learn to say ‘YES’ and feel really good about it.

Affirmation: I am now open to saying yes to invitations I feel aligned with.

2. You feel like you are really living your purpose

There’s this fire in your belly perhaps. It’s an enthusiastic energy that either makes you bounce out of bed in the morning or keeps you awake at night. When you are in total alignment with your life’s mission and vision, then the Universe cranks up the internal excitement to signify manifestation is taking place.

Affirmation: Thank you Universe for revealing my purpose to me in perfect timing.

3. You feel truly open to all possibilities

This is a beautiful element to experience when your soul is in alignment. You deeply feel open, as if the walls of your heart have been broken down and you’re waiting with open arms to receive whatever the Universe is willing to present you with. You are willing to ‘go with the flow’ and see where the adventure will take you.

Affirmation: My mind, my body and my spirit is open to receive all good things.

4. Members of your soul family begin to appear out of the blue

These are not people you are bound to by blood, these are beautiful people that have appeared in your life as a reminder that deep, beautiful, loving, connection can be experienced with others that you’re not related to by birth. And I’m not just talking about in a romantic capacity, I’m talking about your soul sister and conscious brothers that are on the same page as you spiritually with the same fired-up mission and passion. You just know when someone in your friendship circle is from your soul family – your collection of ‘soul mates’. There is an effortlessness to the friendships that just feels right.

Affirmation: I am so grateful to have connected with my soul family from all over the world. They feed my soul. 

5. You become highly energetically sensitive

Because you are so tuned in to the Universe and the energy around you, you might find that you become sensitive to certain environments all of a sudden. You might become aware of the heavy (or light) vibrational nature of place. For instance, when I am really energetically on fire and tapped in, there is no way in the world I would want to go to a cemetary or a pub or somewhere like that. This one is about cultivating discernment for sure. Your inner guidance system will point the way in every situation to let you know if something is good for you or will hinder you. Note: This is not a fear-based practice, it’s about consciously choosing where you spend your energy.

Affirmation: I am an intuitive being by nature. My intuition always serves me in every situation.

6. Your heart is filled with joy and gratitude on a daily basis

When you are in alignment there are perfect moments in each day that fill you with joy. It could be the way the sun feels on your face if it’s a cold Winter morning. It could be how a nice warm cup of tea helps to bring you back to presence. Whatever it is, and whatever unfolds during the course of your day, make sure you make time to be appreciative in the present moment because that’s all that exists.

[Tweet “Affirmation: Dear Universe, thank you for everything. “]

7. You have set clear intentions and you’re open to the notion of ‘this or something better’.

Just like ‘being open to all possibilities’ is important, so to is learning how to get specific enough with the Universe when you know your desires on on their way.

There is something really magical that happens when you create space in your life to map out what you really want to manifest. Your dreams instantly start to spark a deep conversation with the Universe that says you’re ready for action.

In order to manifest more signs of alignment into your life you need to be ready to SPARK a deeper connection with the Universe. If you’re ready to go on a spiritual adventure and quest then I would highly recommend my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. This will help to get out of your own way and help you to strengthen your intuition. xo

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