Before you send the dudes in the white coats to round me up and take me to the “funny farm”, I want you to open your heart and mind to the information I’m about to share with you…

We are so much more than the clump of flesh our souls are currently inhabiting. We are eternal beings that made a conscious choice to land on earth and live a life that teaches us all of the lessons our soul needs in order to grow and expand. The key thing to remember? We are spiritual beings.

There is so much more going on in the world than our 5 senses can accurately absorb and translate. There are sounds our human ears cannot hear and there are lights and energy in the electromagnetic spectrum that are beyond our realm of understanding. It would be silly to think that we (as living humans) are the only consciousness we have access to communicating with.

However, those of us that have access that is flipped to the ‘on’ switch with our intuitive faculties we can sometimes receive messages from entities and energies that we affectionately call our spirit guides.

What are “spirit guides”?

Spirit guides are usually “beings” that do not currently inhabit a physical body or are not in the same realm as humans. Some people might see them as angels, or departed loved ones, or collective group consciousness, aliens (extra terrestrials), mermaids or people from the fairy kingdom. Yes, it sounds like a hellofalottawoowoo but everyone interprets their experience differently and is perfectly entitled to do so.

I believe that everyone has access to their spirit guides if they take time to connect and merge into their energetic flow.

People throughout the ages have turned to spirit guides for wisdom and assistance. If you know of the work of Abraham Hicks, you’ll know that Esther is the channel and a group of non-physical entities flow through her and she translates it (from vibration) to give people guidance and inspiration.

My amazing Dad and artist (Mr. AA Prout) has often made mention (and light-heartedly joked) of what he calls his “committee” of beings that have helped him create his paintings over the last 40 or so years.  I definitely think that’s his form of artistic intuition and a lot of artists probably use this process.

How to connect to your spirit guides

I believe that connecting with your spirit guides is a 3 step process.

1. You must be aware that you are in a high vibrational state and open to receiving guidance
2. You must put the call ‘out there’ to connect
3. You must raise your vibration to meet your guides and learn how to let go of your “thinking mind” getting in the way with the vibrational translation.

Want to know my story?  To give you a brief summary I don’t like the label of being a “channel” per se, I prefer to think of myself as a person that is open to receiving messages, energetic translation and guidance. Here’s a little background about how I met my man and how the channel was opened…

We met on Twitter, we lived on opposite ends of the planet, Sean flew from LA to Australia to meet me, we didn’t have a clue how our relationship would work out, we discovered AFTER ME MET about the concept of Twin Flames and sometimes the channel that is formed when the twin souls unite.

A journal entry of our first connection with our “guides”

I think you will get a deeper idea of what can happen if you read our story from Sean’s private journal during that time…

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Last night Sarah and I lay in bed together when I was reminded of the teachings of Abraham, which we have discussed together and has been an anchor for us in moments throughout the day. I thought of the teachings of Seth as well and began to ask Sarah if she was familiar with the idea that everyone has a ‘soul guide,’ or ‘entities,’ or ‘angels’ that follow them. I mentioned how I recall Seth suggested everyone has access to them, but very few are able to quiet their minds enough to clear the space and hear them.

Her eyes immediately lit up as she asked me if I wanted to try to contact them now.

I was a little thrown off because I wasn’t thinking of literally ‘right now,’ and trying to speak to them. I was more so thinking of putting out a question in our subconscious as we go to sleep and see if they provide us any messages throughout the night. She was exuberant however, and it felt right.

As we discussed the idea, and I was more and more in line with saying, ‘sure, let’s do it,’ she noticed lightbeams of energy fly off the top of my head, as if they were responding to us.

For the next few hours we deepened ourselves in a sort of meditation to allow ourselves to ‘connect.’

And we did.

It was an almost ‘freaky’ experience, as we didn’t know what exactly was happening!

I myself had pulsations of energy vibrate through my body. It was similar to the energy I feel when I bring myself back to presence at different moments of the day, except highly magnified.

Sarah began to hear bits and pieces from the entity that was speaking to us. They mentioned that we were once a part of them, and they are from which we came. They told us they love us. They told us our connection to them was strengthened and more in flow through vibration and laughter …

There was a slight struggle and resistance at some points from Sarah as she had to deal with her own thoughts in the way as well. It was as if a conflict of entity and ego were in motion, where what was needed was simply the clearing of ego and connection to source, where ultimate flow would come through.

Over the few hours the messages came clearer and clearer (and by the way, we had no sense of time or that it was several hours).

At one point while talking about the blocks that were keeping away the flow, Sarah’s eyes lit up as she realized she needed a pen, and that it would flow better and quicker through that medium. She recalled a time before when something similar had happened, where a message flowed through her pen, and so we knew we had to do it.

We then grabbed pen and paper, and one straight message came in straight through…

“Better. It is clearer for us like this for now. Sean has been receiving love from us and expressing it through his words to you. We gently guided him to you. Our guidance is no more than your own. Take the time to still your thoughts each day as it will be of great benefit to you both. –Älska”

When we were receiving the other messages without the pen, Sarah knew there was some name around it….She mentioned an A, L, and S, K, but couldn’t figure it out or hear it.

When Alska was written, to which she underlined “Alska” afterwards, we looked at each other in curiosity for a moment, debating what it meant.

At that moment the voice said through her, “Google It.” We both laughed as I said, “Google it?!”

Alska turned out to really be Älska (with the two little accent dots) … a Swedish verb that means ‘to love.’

Back to me now. That little snippet was part of a 45,000 word online journal we kept over the course of two years called ‘The Älska Journals’ where we documented our struggles, the channelings and the discoveries. Our guides told us to start a publishing company, to publishing inspirational stories, to publish books and to share our own story which we have now disseminated to thousands upon thousands (nearly millions) of people around the world.

The key thing to remember when you receive information and establish a connection with your guides is to not expect the messages to make sense immediately. Sean and I didn’t have a clue what we were being told or how we could make it happen. We were both broke, up to our eyeballs in debt and didn’t have any clue how we could bridge the residency issues.

Here was another message we received:

Be together. The calling is strong. The details and luxuries have been afforded to support your every move for we are your mutual support system. If you allow, we provide. In all cases, your LOVE is supported. Your LOVE is healing. It is pure balance of ONENESS. Male/female unified soul of perfection. Let not your mind interfere. Just ALLOW for the process to unfold.

Please note that I rarely talk about this stuff because for me it’s extremely private, but I feel like now is the right time that people are starting to take an interest in their own ability to connect to their guides and train themselves to be intuitive super-heroes. I know if you love the idea of this, you’re very close to making the connection and I hope this helps you on your own journey.xo


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