This is a reboot of an old article that I wrote back in 2014. I updated it slightly and it definitely has different energy (from me anyway) for the revision. 

I am not a big fan of the saying “sorry not sorry” because it skips personal responsibility. And learning to refine the art of deeply apologizing from a space of humility can be transformational. 

With that being said there are many of us that have what can be described as people pleasing tendencies. Which prompts the need for my first question…

Ever wondered why people say sorry for certain things when there really is no need to apologize? Or have you ever had someone dismiss you and belittle your feelings saying that they’re not valid or relevant? Well here’s a list of the 10 Things You Should Never Apologize For.

There really is no need to apologize for any of these things…ever!

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Here are the things that you must never apologize for…

1. How you feel

Expressing the way you feel (and I mean really feel about something) is a gift. When you tell someone about the way you feel on a certain subject you should never think twice about apologizing for expressing your personal perspective. That is, unless it’s harmful to the other person or intended to manipulate the situation. Letting people know where you’re at and how you feel is so important. If you don’t express your true feelings then they get swept under the carpet and can harbor animosity. Seriously, they will fester and implode within your soul like a stink bomb.

AFFIRMATION: It is safe for me to express my truth and the way that I feel.

AWARENESS: Always remember to consider the person you are expressing your feelings to as well. How will it land? Release your expectations. Build a bridge of conscious communication where you can. 

2. What makes you laugh

Your sense of humor is your own set-point of uniqueness. The beauty of the human condition is that there are so many beautiful types of humor and no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Whether you laugh at poo jokes (like I often do), videos of kittens or even ridiculous shows like Impractical Jokers – always be unapologetic for what makes you giggle. Life is funny. 

AFFIRMATION: The things that amuse me and make me laugh feed my soul.

AWARENESS: Not everyone will find the same things funny and that’s perfectly okay. However, nothing is sweeter than sharing a laugh. 

3. What you believe in

In a time where polarization is at somewhat of an all-time high this is where we are called to do important spiritual work and find a path that comes together instead of divides.  You have 100% permission to believe in whatever you wish as long as you don’t intentionally hurt people in order to prove a point.

AFFIRMATION: My beliefs are my own and the compass for my soul.

AWARENESS: Be kind. Always choose kindness and be mindful of intentionally creating division. 

4. Your past

It’s over, it can be healed, it can be celebrated. There is no amount of shame from the past that cannot be undone by the power of love. This is part of the Be The Love philosophy from my new book of feel, heal and reveal << pre-order the book here.

AFFIRMATION: The past is over, the memories are pretty funny though. I let go with love. I remember with kindness. 

AWARENESS: Honor the past because it created who you are today. 

5. Your future and your dreams

Never apologize for your dreams or what you want for your future. However, make room for compromise if you are in a long term situation with others so that you’re not appearing to be totally self-involved. Make your dreams happen, never apologize for dreaming big and wanting more for yourself. If you want to MANIFEST your dreams then check out the Dear Universe Academy – Your School For Meaningful Manifestation.

AFFIRMATION: I allow myself to create an amazing future.

AWARENESS: Not everyone will be on the same page with what’s possible to create in life. We’re all growing and learning at our own pace. 

6. Your body or your weight

If you’re apologizing for the way your body looks then stop it. You need to own the magnificence of your body –  the fact that it keeps you alive and HONOR IT. Saying sorry to someone because you’re too big, too small, too green…whatever…is harmful to your heart. 

AFFIRMATION: I am enough.

AWARENESS: Body acceptance is a personal journey. 

7. Your children

Unless they are throwing their own poo around in a restaurant or yelling out vulgarities to others, then never apologize for your children. Kids are supposed to behave like kids. And if you do encounter the grouch that speaks up and makes you feel like you need to apologize for your children then gently remind them that they once were kids too. Side note: also never apologize for how you are choosing to raise your children. It’s not anyones’s business to question your intention.

AFFIRMATION: Kids are vibrant, messy, loud, beautiful souls that need space to be creative.

AWARENESS: Mindfulness is something that kids can be taught. Teaching them to consider others is really important as well. 

8. How much you earn

Never feel the need to apologize for earning too much or not earning enough. Money is an exchange for energy, that’s all. So when you’re saying sorry for having too little or even too much, then you are making a very powerful affirmation to the Universe to cease the flow of abundance.

AFFIRMATION: It is safe for me to allow more abundance into my life and feel comfortable to share my wealth when it flows with ease.

AWARENESS: Abundance means different things to different people. Only you get to define what it means. 

9. Your personal/emotional boundaries

You draw the line when it comes to saying something isn’t okay. We should all learn to assert our boundaries and not be apologetic for our decisions that enforce our own emotional safety.

AFFIRMATION: It’s okay, when I say it’s okay.

AWARENESS: Some people are unaware of boundaries which is why it’s so important to use communication skills to illumination the path forward. 

10. Your sexuality

This one should be the most obvious. 

AFFIRMATION: My sexuality never needs to be explained.

AWARENESS: Never, ever, assume. 

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