No matter where you are currently at in your life right now, it helps to remember that nothing (meaning no thing) will ever stay the same. You are a transformational being. Everything is always changing. In each moment new cells are growing, old cells die. New vibrations are creating form, old vibrations hold less power. Energy patterns are creating experiences for you to expand as a spiritual being and illusions of limitation also do the same – they rise and then fall. Newness and cyclic growth is your true nature.

This is the never-ending essence of change which the Buddhists refer to as “impermanence”. Also called Anicca or Anitya, and it is one of the essential doctrines and a part of three marks of existence in Buddhism.

The doctrine states that all of conditioned existence, and reality, without exception, is “transient, evanescent, inconstant”. This means that ALL THINGS are in a perpetual state of change and transformation. This includes you and your present life situation.

As humans we are born into the cycle of births and deaths, breakdowns before breakthroughs and destruction before new and vibrant creation.

So if you’re currently disenchanted by your bank balance, your weight, your relationship or your job then take comfort in remembering that life is seasonal.

This understanding helps to facilitate the awareness of Divine timing, trusting the Universe and dealing with fear of failure, rejection and loss. When you gain insight and absorb the wisdom of this transaction of energy that flows through life, then you remember the beautiful ebb and flow of constant change.

You might be making excuses, or retelling stories about your life and your limitations. This energetic stagnation perpetuates your level of dissatisfaction in life. Because when you don’t work with the power of constant change and improvement, then you block your desires from manifesting. Remember, you create your world with your ability to rise above the illusion and transform your fear into faith.

By embracing transformation and the seasons of life you are saying yes to the blessings the Universe wants to deliver into your reality. So be it, so it is. xo

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