Have you ever broken a mirror and believed that you needed to endure seven years of bad luck? Have you spilled salt and thrown it over your left shoulder? Has a black cat crossed your path? Or have you walked under a ladder, scared of what will unfold next?

Many people have grown up with weird traditions and superstitions that have embedded odd beliefs in their hearts and minds. The good news is that the Universe sends you these lessons in order for you to grow spiritually. It’s a call to rise above these limiting beliefs energetically and choose a higher vibration that serves you.

Superstition can bring with it irrational fear and ominous significance. The etymology of the word is really interesting…

It comes from the Latin superstitiō – which translates as “dread of the supernatural”.

As manifestors, dread is a feeling we must navigate away from at all costs. It’s a powerful intuitive indicator that CHANGE and transformation must take place.

One of my Manifesting Academy students posted this today in our private “Soul Tribe” community. (Sidenote: I ADORE the people in our Soul Tribe):

“Has anyone experienced an itchy palm when you are about to get money? I woke up today with my right palm being super itchy and I remembered the old superstition that if your hand itches it means money is coming your way. I went and checked my bank account and had an extra nearly $2,500 from a long awaited tax refund that I have been waiting for.”

I responded…

“Right to receive and left to leave! This is the superstition I grew up with too! However, I feel like our bodies anchor in these responses intuitively. I believe there is something to it based on the meaning we have attached and how it shows up as vibrational discernment in our bodies. I always get an itchy right hand before good news or money arrives. I also get an itchy left hand before an argument or something not so good happens. The most important thing to remember is not to attach fear to it and that sometimes it can simply mean that you have an itchy hand.”

As a powerful manifestor you are always creating your own reality. You have the beautiful ability to attach meaning to whatever you wish to. This, in turn, means that you can choose LOVE or you can choose fear to steer the direction of your consciousness. I like to teach my students the concept that nothing that is truly yours can ever be lost in the Divine mind.

Affirmations and declarations of positivity can help tremendously to soothe the hearts and minds of even the most fear-ridden superstitious people. For instance…

All is well. I am grateful. I am safe. I trust in the Universe.


If you break a mirror and feel fearful, saying these affirmations will help to guide your energy back to a place to expect positive manifestations to unfold. And remember, you get to choose how you respond. This is the magic of manifesting. 

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