To spark a conversation with the Universe you must learn to ASK for signs, symbols and synchronicities. Otherwise you are just randomly floating through life without being intentional with what you are putting out there to the cosmic forces at play.

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This is how most people tend to view manifestation and the Law of Attraction, that it’s like something external and novel. However, the truth is that by building a bridge of communication (most importantly, consistent communication) between yourself and the Universe then you will begin to amplify the energy you draw into your reality.

So where does the magic of the journey begin?

It always commences with the ASKING.

Signs show up for me on a daily basis because I have created a really strong connection with the Universe. It’s fun and also great confirmation of tapping into the flow of infinite possibilities.

Here are the 10 magical words to receive a sign from the Universe.

Open your heart and say them aloud. You can even write them down or download this image:

Dear Universe,
Send me a sign
or an inspired idea.

(10 words)

This gets the energetic momentum rolling. I asked this question when I was on a trip to Sedona this year and the response I got from the Universe was life-changing. You can read all about that here.

Another example is that I went into early labor with my fourth child in 2016. On the day Ava Moon was born there was a rainbow in the sky for most of the day. This was unheard for a few reasons. The first is that it hardly rains in Vegas and that rainbows usually come and go. This rainbow was arched over the hospital as we drove straight to the emergency room.

As soon as you pose this powerful statement to the field of infinite potential in a “Dear Universe” moment of intention, then it begins to react and respond behind the scenes to deliver the goods.

Try it for yourself and see what happens.

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