Our day to day language patterns and the things we choose to say in our conversations sculpt the way our lives are constructed. We literally shape our reality with our thoughts and our feelings, which is why it’s so important to choose your words wisely.

Here are 7 things to say more often that will create instant abundance and radically shift your energy to be dialled in to receive more prosperity in no time.

1. I’m happy for you

You cannot be successful if you can’t feel genuine happiness for another human being that has achieved something great. Carrying around and exuding sourpuss energy means that you are choosing to separate yourself from the energy of success. Thus, it cannot materialize into your reality as you wish.

Next time you see someone that obtains and experiences something you would like for yourself, make sure you steer your heart away from jealousy and fully emerse yourself in the spirit of support.

2. Thank you

Gratitude is everything when it comes to attracting abundance. Make sure you weave the words ‘thank you’ into your daily life. Being in a state of deep appreciation for everything that shows up, means you allow and welcome the space for more things to appear in your reality.

3. Yes

Just like in the movie ‘YES MAN’ with Jim Carrey you need to learn how to accept opportunities and put yourself out there. YES is a powerful affirmation to the Universe that you are ready for serious manifesting action. With the caveat that the invitation you are accepting is totally safe and empowering … then GO FOR IT! Yes, is freeing. It will get you out of your comfort zone and allow for new things to be drawn into your reality. Yes, yes, yes.

4. I have everything I need right now in this moment

When you make this your daily affirmation you will notice how you never go without anything you need. All of the resources you require will miraculously show up in perfect timing.

By connecting to the energy of abundance and weaving this positive statement of ‘already being abundant’ into your regular thoughts, you pave a pretty magnificent path of confidence for the Universe to respond to your every desire.


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