The Way of Abundance: Crystallized Emotion That Turns to Gold

WARNING: What you’re about to read or listen to here is something that you may have never heard of before and this information is a serious game-changer.

For those of you that love The Law of Attraction and might have watched “The Secret”, you must have heard the phrase: “Thoughts become things”. Well, they don’t. That’s only a tiny piece of the big picture – especially when it comes to the manifestation of abundance.

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It’s emotions and energy that create your reality.


This means that every feeling you have is literally creating your future based on how you guide that energy. The best part is that you get to choose!

As the beautiful human being that you are, undoubtedly you see life as a series of events that are either positive or negative. Most people tend to sort their experiences into these two categories. However, when you are consciously creating your reality you’re invited (by The Universe) to ditch the positive and negative categories and create these two new magnificent labels of awareness…

Resistance or flow.

If you feel bad, you label something as “negative” or don’t fully embrace your feelings to be expressed then you are in a state of RESISTANCE. This means that because your emotions are not flowing in a high-vibe format that it BLOCKS your dreams/desires from flowing into your reality as a manifestation.

The second state is FLOW. This is when you feel good, when you feel joyful, inspired, creative, loved and happy. And because you are fully allowing yourself to feel whatever comes up (good, bad and ugly) then you are actively engaged in a FLOW STATE. Your dreams and desires are able to flow into your reality when you are in this state of mind.

When you ALLOW yourself to feel anything you want to feel, you allow it to be, you witness it without judgement, you’re totally present and operating from a paradigm of limitless belief then you will manifest amazing things. This formula is literally like being handed a treasure chest full of gold. It might not make sense right away, but it will in time with a bit of practice.

Here are the steps to make it super-simple…

1. An experience happens – you feel happy or disappointed
2. It’s okay  – no matter how you feel – because you’re AWARE that you can choose to guide your energy to love and joy
3. You REMEMBER that The Universe is training you to be strong – to prepare for what you asked for.
4. You’re happy and content no matter what shows up. <—- this is the KEY. 

The key here is to get comfortable with uncertainty. If you can remember that we are all in this together, and that your emotions are like a treasure map to your future, then ANYTHING is possible.

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