This is a small excerpt from my latest book called BE THE LOVE.

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1. I took responsibility for my emotions:

One of the biggest game changers for me was to create a pause (or a moment of mindfulness) before instantly reacting emotionally. I call this the magical space between intention and reaction. It’s your feelings and your emotions that manifest your reality.

2. I stopped comparing myself to others:

It was pretty intense when I was in my early twenties and I spent
so much time trapped in a cycle of comparing my body to other women’s bodies. As my business grew (in my thirties), I started to compare levels of success with others too. It was the same limited thinking keeping me stuck in a cycle. Every time I feel this way now, which still happens from time to time, I shift my focus back to gratitude, perspective, and celebrating key milestones. Everyone is on different time frames and on their own journey, and that is our cue to remember that comparison is the thief of joy.

3. I learned how to show myself compassion:

After all the years of believing that I was not good enough and also dealing with the ridiculously high standard I always kept myself accountable to, I began to get curious as to how I could allow myself space to authentically process my emotions. Sadness, anxiety, and powerlessness would drop by for a cup of tea with my heart. I’d sit with them for a while in a space of non-judgment and curiosity. When I felt the time was right, I’d give them a hug and then send them on their merry way. By viewing emotions as fluid feelings that would pass through like a storm, I began to see the process of witnessing this energy as a great act of self-compassion.

4. I became devoted to leading by example for the sake of my children:

As the mother of three daughters, I never want them to hear me speaking badly about my body in case they start feeling bad about theirs. The seed of unworthiness can grow faster than bamboo, so I’m blocking all the entry points of doubt. This is my duty of care.

5. I started using affirmations:

One of the most powerful ways to guide your energy is through the
process of repetition to imprint positive beliefs on your subconscious mind. There are countless messages being seeded into your brain on a moment- by-moment basis. When you choose to actively participate in what gets into your “mind palace,” then you become more aware of how to stand guard at the doorway to your thoughts.

In my book BE THE LOVE, I teach a powerful 3-step process called Feel, Heal and Reveal.

Feel: Allow yourself to wholeheartedly explore your emotions and activate your intuition. You do this through choosing alignment, exploring truth, being grounded in your body and moving towards togetherness instead of separation.

Heal: Embrace your imperfections, surrender to what is, and become more intentional in your life to take responsibility for your own well-being and for your purpose on this planet.

Reveal: Trust that you are always guided on your journey and have access to infinite wisdom and inspired ideas that will illuminate an empowered path forward.

Boundary idea: Next time you find yourself needing to cool your jets then try the BE THE LOVE 3-step process for yourself.

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