Life can be crazy. For me, it can get super-crazy at the best of times! I have four children, three dogs and run a business from our home office so setting the intention to manifest more peace needs to be a continuous goal to maintain my sanity.

Here are 6 Keys to Manifesting More Peace Into Your Life

1. Set very clear intentions

It might seem a little over-simplified, but sometimes you have to put PEACE on your calendar or in your diary to make sure that you experience it. You could even create a reminder on your phone. You see, if you don’t make time for peace then peace will not make time for you. The result? Stress, anxiety, insomnia, disconnection to the Divine within and this list goes on. Set the intention, seek peace and make time for relaxation.

2. Let go of perfectionism

One word of warning when it comes to manifesting peace intentionally is that sometimes your patience will be tested. You might be meditating and the doorbell rings. You might be doing some yoga and your toddler won’t let go of your leg. Just remember to be present with imperfection and it will bring you so much more peace than fighting against it and wishing things would be different.

3. Create time for stillness

Turning your intention to manifest peace into a ritual and spiritual practice can be incredibly powerful. Bringing mindfulness to the mundane might seem a little silly but it’s an opportunity to bring more awareness to the present moment. Close your eyes in the shower, feel grateful as your feet land on the floor when you get out of bed in the morning or slowly drink a glass of water and feel nurtured. These are all great ways that even the busiest person can create time for stillness and mindfulness.

4. Remember self-care

Even though Summer is nearly over here in Las Vegas I’ve been swimming in our pool at night. The cold water has many health benefits and help with my levels of self-care. I feel so awake and alive after plunging myself into cold water that it brings me PEACE. It might sound crazy, but taking care of yourself is one of the fastest avenues to manifest peacefulness into your life.

5. Ditch what doesn’t serve you

Remember that drama-fuelled conversation you had? Remember when you reacted before thinking? Remember when you raised your voice? Remember when you shared that negative quote and ranted on Facebook? Well…NEWSFLASH for you…

It doesn’t serve you and it will never bring you peace. You need to get really good at letting go of the behaviors, people and activities that don’t contribute to your wellbeing. When you do, PEACE will be waiting for you on the other side of your resistance.

6. Be the energy of what you desire

If you want PEACE, then be peaceful. It’s so simple. This works for anything that you want to create on your manifesting journey. You need to BE the energy of what you desire. There are so many wonderful and supportive tools that can assist. Diffusing essential oils is a great way to tune into peacefulness. Meditation, art, cooking or whatever brings you JOY is an excellent place to begin.

Wishing you PEACE and love.

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