Why Your Word Is Your Wand

Don't say stuff you don't mean. Or better yet…

click to tweetOnly speak of things you wish to create because you are paving your reality with your words.

// You really are.

How many people do you know use complaining as their standard way of conversing?

‘Oh isn't the weather miserable?' < insert heavy sigh here.

Years ago I made a firm commitment to step out of these kinds of situations but sometimes I get sucked into drama. I don't make myself wrong for it, I just allow enough space for self-compassion and then press the re-set button.

So how do we learn to use our word as our wand in a world of contrasting vibrational set-points?

It's easy!

+ First you promise yourself that you're going to rise above the negative energy of others and don't let it affect you.

+ Secondly, you stand guard at the doorway to your thoughts and re-frame all notions of resistance, rigidity and negativity and turn it into something softer and more manageable.

+ And thirdly, you learn to listen to yourself, take responsibility for what you say and trust that you are creating with your spoken word.

It rattles and buzzes the energy out to the correlating vibrations faster than a streak of weasel's pee, so you need to learn to master yourself and your emotional outgoings to fully work the powers of the Law of Attraction.

Happy stuff attracts happy stuff and crappy stuff always attracts more crappy stuff.

It's very simple.

So next time you're about to have a grizzle about something, remember that your word is your wand. It's covered in the fizziest of rainbow glitter that explodes with all sorts of creative and unlimited possibilities.