7 Hot Tips to Stay Focused When Life Gets In the Way Of Achieving Your Goals, Dream, Wishes and Desires

Remember a few months ago when you set your intentions, resolutions and goals to make this year the best year ever? You were so excited and filled with enthusiasm only to have “life” get in the way with a myriad of distractions. Please know this is perfectly normal and you are definitely not alone. However, there comes a point where the self-sabotage has to STOP.

You have an empowering choice to make.

You can either give up OR you can take baby steps each day that will get you closer to the life you KNOW you are meant to be living.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a really inspiring business conference in San Diego. It was 5 days of total immersion into creativity and marketing – leaving us buzzing with ideas and concepts to implement when we arrived home in Las Vegas. Since then, we have been quite uninspired.

A dear friend gave me a little kick in the bum when I told him I was still in the process of finishing my book about healing your heart from miscarriage. He told me to create a deadline and to get very specific about the end date. “By when” he kept saying, so I was forced into committing to an actually end date to have the manuscript completed by. In that moment, I knew I was off-track and allowing myself to get distracted. It made me ponder the following questions…

How can you feel so insanely uplifted and ready to take action and then allow yourself to get so utterly sidetracked? How do you learn how to rise above the overwhelm, the little voice of doubt and stay focussed?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and this is what I came up with. Here are 7 Hot Tips to Stay Focused When Life Gets In the Way Of Achieving Your Goals, Dream, Wishes and Desires

1. Schedule even the tiniest actions towards your goals

Mark in in your calendar and stick to it. This was you create the accountability you need in order to build some momentum.

2. Reward yourself for your commitment

When you can tune into the sense of self-satisfaction that you’re committed to your goals, then make sure you treat yourself to something nice to reinforce the behavior.

3. Track your progress with daily gratitude

Thank the Universe on a daily basis for clarity, focus and determination. When you feel grateful for those qualities, even if you don’t quite embody them yet – you will start to behave that way sooner or later. Remember that anything you state with an ‘I AM’ is a command to your subconscious mind.

4. Release expectations of yourself and others

Be gentle on yourself. And also don’t count on others to make you happy. Be independent and walk through life being grateful no matter what shows up for you.

5. Stop comparisons

Comparison is the thief of all joy for a reason. If you hold jealousy in your heart then you will suffer. Make sure you feel happy for the success of others and stop comparing where you’re at, to someone else. Everyone is unique and different and have something special to offer the world.

6. Really enjoy the journey

People tend to forget that happiness and achieving your goals is all about the journey. One day you’ll look back on this time and see it as magical.

7. Celebrate the success of others

Similar to the theme of ‘comparison’ you need to surround yourself with people that have achieved their goals or experienced success. Success stories help you to stay on track, such as this one.

A lady called Denise wrote email to me last week:

Hi Sarah, I signed up for your site yesterday. I’d like to manifest romantic love and money and I figured I’d get moving in a positive direction. Having worked with manifesting for years without a ton of results, I just decided to believe in what you were saying and figured I’d read all you said and buy the Ancient Manifesting Ritual tomorrow. Only 6 hours after I read your initial emails I won $12,000! I’m not a huge believer in casinos and I don’t plan to make it a habit, but I went because I had free play and earlier, I remember clearly thinking, eh 5 figures of extra cash today would be fabulous. Just thought you’d get a kick out of the speed of the universe. I’m a believer (with no plans to become a gambler! LOL.

If you would like to make your ‘call’ to the Universe just like Denise did and stay focused then please check out the ritual that everyone has been talking about.  In fact, I have 8,000 manifesting students that have re-ignited their love for the Law of Attraction. I know it will make a huge difference in your life.