The Law of Attraction: 10 Ways to Attract Your Dreams

The law of attraction is the most powerful Universal law there is. It governs energetic transactions and is the oh-so-gracious gatekeeper that aligns the vibrations to then be released into the physical realm.

Once you learn how to use the law of attraction to your advantage  you literally strengthen a psychic muscle and will notice how your results and intuitive powers will accelerate like wildfire.

What do you dream about creating in your life?

Do you want to manifest your soulmate? Perhaps you dream of becoming a published author? Do you dream of living a life of creative freedom?

Whatever your dream is, it’s beautiful.

To be human is to dream and it’s entirely possible that if you believe it can happen then you’re halfway there.

Using the Law of Attraction is about holding yourself in the energy of limitless possibility.

All it requires is for you to love yourself fearlessly, hold your dream close to your heart and never allow anyone to poo on your parade and tell you your dream is bull-crap. The naysayers always show their suffering and true colours with tinctures of criticism.

Here are 10 tips and ways to help you attract what you truly desire and dream of in life…

1. Believe you are worthy

This is the key to manifesting your dreams, wishes and desires. When you truly believe you are worthy then you remove the resistance that is blocking the flow of energy for the Law of Attraction to deliver your goodies.

Want to know why you’re worthy? Because you just are. Start affirming it (hourly + daily).

2. Develop soulful rituals

When you nurture your soul, then you amplify your vibration. You can do this through meditation, yoga or cultivating rituals based on your specific intention. Create space on your life to look after your spirit, and prioritise it with the same level of importance as brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

Your soul will thank you and you’ll start to notice the difference within days.

3. Speak to the Universe hourly with gratitude

Prayer and meditation is the best way to nurture a deep relationship with the Divine within (the Universe). When you make time to thank the Universe for the things that are showing up in your life, then you make the space to receive more.

Hint: Try setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to practice gratitude.

4. Follow your heart

Get out of your head and into your feelings. When you take inspired action from your heart then you allow the law of attraction to do her thing.

5. See failure as Divine opportunity

Learn to see the times in your life when you get something wrong or mess up as a gift. These times can literally save your life.

I remember the story of a guy going to work one morning that got pissed off because he had to go home and change his shoes because he stepped in some chewing gum. This made him miss the train that would have placed him in the World Trade Centre on September the 11th, 2001. Everything happens in Divine timing. 

Everything is a blessing in disguise. Your job is to train yourself to see it.

6. Look for signs of alignment

The Universe is always speaking to you, but are you listening? Signs of alignment that the Law of Attraction is on the verge of being on hyperdrive tend to speed up as your vibration does. Signs can come in many forms. I see the number 111 and rainbows. What do you see as a sign of alignment? Feel free to comment below.

7. Learn to say YES

Learning to say ‘yes’ to events that are presented to you might lead to meeting new people or surprise opportunities. You can’t expect to live a full life if you sequester yourself away and live like a hermit. Putting yourself out there and being open to new experiences will bust your heart wide open.

Nothing great was ever created from a comfort zone.

8. Bless your past and move on

Just let it go, it’s time. When you speak of the past, think of it, or get emotionally triggered by it all the time then it stunts your vibration and you’re creating more of the same shit. To quote Frozen: “Let it go, let it go.”

9. De-clutter your environment

If you want to know the fastest way to get your manifesting energy moving, it’s time to clean up your space. By de-cluttering your environment you literally clear out the old and make space for the new.

10. Cultivate trust

Do you truly trust people and experiences with your whole heart? Perhaps you’ve been burnt in the past and it’s hard for you to break down that wall. Well guess what? You need to trust in the process of the law of attraction and manifesting for it to work. If you don’t, then you get in your own way and setting intentions will become like talking to a brick wall or beating your head up against it.

Learn to trust deeply by being comfortable, filled with love and grateful no matter what happens.

Learning to ride the wave of uncertainty can be thrilling, beautiful and soul-strengthening.

In order to become a more powerful creator and manifest more abundance, you need to be ready to SPARK a deeper connection with the Universe.  If you’re ready to go on a spiritual adventure and quest then I would highly recommend my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. This will help to get out of your own way and help you to strengthen your intuition. xo

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  1. Another great article! I’m about to do my morning yoga ritual I was going to skip it but your post reminded me of the importance of it;-) thanks!

  2. Hey Sarah!

    I love your stuff 🙂 i had the most intense experience with number sequences starting last spring and it started with the 1111’s and worked itself in non chronological order all the way to the 9999’s and ended with the meeting of my twin flame in Feb of this year 🙂 Not to mention I was a client of 21 days to manifest your soulmate about a year prior.

    I love your delivery of the ‘big message’. I’m going for the money now and on day 2 of my 5×55 🙂

    In love and gratitude,

  3. “Nothing great was ever created from a comfort zone.” Thank you for this.

    I struggle with fear, but at the beginning of November I decided to say “Yes” to opportunities that I normally would say no to. So far I have had a lovely evening with a new friend, received my first paycheque as a freelancer, and have an offer to teach yoga–my first teaching since receiving my yoga certification. I still have moments of fear, but the joy I have felt by saying yes makes it easier to move past it.

    Thank you.

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