Decluttering is indeed one of the fastest ways to crank up the manifesting mojo and clear new space for magic to appear into your life. But beyond tidying your closet, cleaning your fridge and making sure your books are all straight on the shelf, there is a much more powerful method to call forth the energy of abundance from the Universe. I like to call it ‘conscious decluttering’. It’s not for the faint-hearted and will challenge the beliefs you hold, but I feel it’s important to dive into the ‘why’ we consume, collect, support and surround ourselves in certain things/people/patterns/behaviors that can actually sometimes hinder our progress, rather than allowing it to thrive.

Abundance isn’t just about the cold hard cash, it’s about the JOY and overall lifestyle experience we cosnciously choose to hold with appreciation.

Here are 5 ways you can try ‘conscious decluttering’ in your own life and see if it makes a difference in the way you feel and what manifests into your life as you cultivate the awareness of playing with this awesome energy.

1. Throw out the toxins

Yesterday I went out and started to replace all of my make-up with organic products. It doesn’t mean I won’t be wearing sparkly eye shadow or lashings of black mascara, but it does mean that I know 100% for sure that no bunnies were killed for the sake of my appearance. Toxins are in everything and they cause your body to create unhealthy cells that can result in ‘dis-ease’. I would highly recommend that you replace shampoos, soaps and make-up with organic, cruelty-free, toxin free products. Not only are they great for the environment but it’s a way to LOVE YOUR BODY and keep it safe.

Conscious decluttering tip: Buy organic. It costs a little more, but not as much as medical bills will in the long run. 

2. Stand guard at the doorway to your thoughts

Your stinkin’ thinkin’ has to stop. It’s time to stand back and witness your thoughts as an outsider. What are your predominant thinking patterns? Are they negative or positive? Do you complain more than you appreciate? Do you wish things would be different, rather than being grateful for the present moment? Stand guard at the doorway to your thoughts and make sure you REFRAME the way you think about things before the words come out of your mouth. There is serious power in the spoken word. Developing a filter is like having a super-power.

Conscious decluttering tip: Weed out your thoughts and you will transform your reality. Thoughts + Feelings = What Manifests.

3. Give to charity and be of service

A great way to activate the energy of conscious decluttering is to clear out your closet AND donate everything you don’t use very often to charity. Not only will it help people in need but it clears vital space in your environment for energy to be freed up. When we own too many objects and have too much choice it overwhelms us and makes up too caught up in having to keep everything in order.

Conscious decluttering tip: Simplicity is the key to manifesting.

4. Vote with your dollars

As a consumer, the way that you spend your money determines energy you are willing to support out there in the world. For instance, if you buy a pair of shoes for a really low amount of money then you need to remember that some poor person was furiously working away in a factory for around 5c per hour (or day in some cases) to create something for you. Doing research about the brands and products we choose to support is so important. Slave labor is real. Also consider the environmental impact that supporting certain companies has on our planet. When we start to be conscious consumers it expands our energy and we attract more quality consumer experiences into our lives. We can also know in our hearts that we are consciously protecting human rights.

Conscious decluttering tip: Do your research as to where your abundance flows and what it supports. 

5. Consciously choose where your energy flows

In each moment you have a choice as to whether or not your energy is channelled into a certain direction. Becoming aware of the ‘energy sucks’ in your life such as drama, gossip and other icky conversations that people feel the need to feed on, you can completely choose whether or not to participate. I have lost count of the amount of sexist jokes I’d have to fake laugh at and endure when I was the wife of a corporate executive over a decade ago. I’d have to laugh at the stupid (and sometimes revolting jokes) of corporate clients even though I was fuming inside. You see, when you choose to fake your energy then you suffer. You DO have a choice. When you show up authentically and not just how you believe that other people need you to behave then you free yourself from the bullshit energy of expectations.

Conscious decluttering tip: Spend your energy wisely.

On your new path to conscious decluttering I would love for you to try my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. The secret 55×5 formula has been downloaded by nearly 20,000 of my manifesting students from around the world. I have seen people manifest ABUNDANCE, babies, soulmates, jobs and the list goes on. Try it for yourself and see.


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