10 Subtle Ways To Unblock The Flow Of Abundance

You’ve set your intentions, you’re doing everything “right” from completing manifesting rituals, creating a citrine crystal grid to lighting abundance candles on the night of a new moon, but the money still isn’t rolling in as fast as you would have liked. But what if there are certain beliefs you hold that stop your vibration from placing an order with the Universe? What if the block in your flow of abundance could be easily fixed with just a few minor tweaks and manifesting tips?

Here are 10 Subtle Ways You Block Your Flow of Abundance. Do any of these sound like you? You might be surprised.

1. You believe money is the root of all evil

Your lovely parents might have helped you to cement this deep belief inside your soul, but it’s not true. Not all rich people are seedy drug dealers or have obtained their wealth by swindling people out of their lunch money. There is a beautiful and conscious way to call in the cash. Money can create and support freedom, joy, creativity, adventure and many other wondrous things. Try and focus on the positive impact that money can have in people’s lives. It doesn’t bring happiness (it can sometimes), but it is a powerful reminder that MONEY IS ENERGY.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Remember and affirm that money is a flow of energy into your life to support you. It’s a mutual exchange based on what you are offering with your vibration.

2. You don’t bend down to pick up pennies

“See a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.”

But do you pick up the tiny shiny coin in the Costco parking lot, or do you feel embarrassed and think others might see you and think you’re desperate? Does fear of judgment stop you?

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Let the Universe know you are GRATEFUL for every little piece of good fortune you are presented with. Pick up the penny and say thank you. It’s a sign of alignment that MORE is on it’s way. Acknowledge it. Thank that penny. Thank it.

3. Your wallet or purse is a mess

The way you keep your money gives the Universe a sign as to whether or not you’re ready for your fortune to multiply. Make sure your bills are neatly arranged in your wallet or your purse in some kind of order. Declutter it and get rid of the trash you no longer need such as receipts etc. Reverence for your moolah will go a long way.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Love your money and your money will love you back and MULTIPLY

4. You complain (a lot) about how much things cost

Remember your word is your wand. When you always say that things are “too expensive” or you verbally express fear around spending money then it deactivates your intentions to attract more abundance. Love your bills, thank your money as it exchanges hands.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Choose your words wisely and remember that your words activate your vibration and return to you as your reality.

5. You don’t put a dollar value on your time

Are you too nice and unable to say no to people when they ask for your help? Do you feel weird charging friends or family for your expertise? Even if it’s a discounted rate you need to value your time and place a dollar value on in. Why? Because you are worthy. It shows the Universe that every hour of the day is an opportunity to be open to the flow of abundance.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Be sure to honor your time in all situations.

6. You believe that winning the lottery will change your life

There’s a reason why most lottery winners lose all of their winnings within the first 3 years…

And that’s because they haven’t expanded their consciousness around money in order to keep it. They don’t feel worthy enough and they don’t understand how to get the money to start working for them. Playing the lottery occasionally is fine, but when it becomes not-very-fun and you’re spending money you don’t have each week on a ticket, then it’s solidifying some serious energetic resistance. And think of this…if you did win all of the money would be from cashing in on other people’s energetic resistance as well.

I’m not against gambling by any means. After all, I live in Vegas! It’s supposed to be fun, entertaining and light-hearted. All I am saying is that any repetitive energetic behavior that can cause your vibration to become afraid will block your flow of abundance.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Play the lottery, gamble or spend money frivolously only when you are in alignment and feel good about doing so. LOVE ATTRACTS, FEAR REPELS.

7. You never donate, support or give to charitable causes

There is a magical energy that is activated when you give to others and be of service to others. This is the life-blood of activating ABUNDANCE. If you want to receive then you first need to learn to GIVE without expectations.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Choose a cause to support and give either financially or tithe with your time.

8. You hide price tags from your partner after you’ve gone shopping

Believe it or not, but this one is really common for women. They don’t feel they are worthy enough to spend more money on a new dress or a little over the price they usually pay. Even if it’s just a few dollars over the budget they HIDE the receipts. This tells the Universe you don’t feel worthy.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Be honest and upfront about your spending habits.

9. You believe that “rich people” are different from you

Don’t buy into the idea that ANYONE is separate from you. We are all human and in this together. You can’t place judgement on the life of another unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. There is no division unless you allow there to be a divide. Plus, if you’ve eaten a meal today, have a bed to sleep in tonight and have access to clean water YOU ARE RICH. You are so incredibly wealthy in comparison to the other people in this world that live on less than $10 per day to survive. We are so lucky.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Be grateful for where you are right now in your life and don’t wish it would be any different. Enjoy the journey and remember we are all ONE.

10. You believe that money can only come from one source

The beautiful nature of being open to all possibilities means that abundance can flow into your life in a multitude of surprising and creative ways. But you have to be open to ALLOWING it to flow into your reality.

UNLOCK ABUNDANCE: Say yes to opportunities, events, meeting people and being out there in the world. This will let the Universe know you are open the flow of abundance from various sources.