I’ve been talking about this for the last twelve years. But what you didn’t know as part of our twin flame story is that…

I remember having dreams about Sean when I was 15 years old.

In this episode of The MANIFEST Podcast I dive into many of the subtle energetic factors that have helped my twin flame journey to thrive over the years.

In the dream, he would greet me and hug me and yet I would never see his face. All I was aware of was this intensely familiar and loving energy. Sometimes I would miss him when I woke up in the morning and wonder who he was.

I knew absolutely nothing about the concept of ‘twin flames’ and even to this day I don’t truly understand the label. I also don’t focus on it, but for those of you that are on a twin flame journey the dream-world aspect could be an important piece for your puzzle.

The dream kept recurring over the years.

This photo was taken only a few days after we met in person back in 2010.

The very first time I met Sean in person (in 2010) and I hugged him at the airport, all I kept saying was: “It’s you, it’s you!”

I knew him.

I remembered that he’d been with me for such a long time energetically before he actually manifested. Also, when he appeared in my reality – the dreams stopped so I knew it was him.

I tell you this as a reminder that what you want to manifest is already with you.

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