Creative Ways to Meditate Without Closing Your Eyes

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting still with your eyes closed and adopting a rigid posture. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to surrender to the Divine within. As beings of Oneness, there really shouldn’t be any rules.

I am a big believer that anything can become a meditation to rejuvenate your soul and show reverence to the Universe/God (whatever you believe). Whether you’re washing the dishes, scrubbing a toilet, or waking up at dawn to inhale the possibilities of the day… it’s ALL an act of surrender if you’re in the flow.

Here are 5 Creative Ways to Meditate Without Closing Your Eyes

1. Create a flower/crystal mandala

I’d seen beautiful nature mandalas on Pinterest and greatly admired them, so when my love gave me a bouquet of blooms earlier in the week I knew what I would do with them once the petals were starting to wither.

I spent a little over 30 minutes arranging the petals and the crystals to display a pastel-inspired mandala. Before I began, I set the intention to fully allow myself to be in creative oneness with the flowers and the crystals to help raise my vibration and set a positive tone for my day. Needless to say is was a very soul satisfying meditation.

2. Colouring + Drawing

Children get lost in the surrendered state of being creative which is why colouring has been such a craze for adults in the last few years. Not only does it help you brain get into a state of Alpha, but it activates the happy hormones in your bloodstream.

3. Dancing

Just dance. It’s so good for your soul and gets you into a beautiful state of flow with the Universe.

4. Being In Nature

There is a Divinity that steps forward when you allow yourself to become one with the earth around you. Whether it’s the ocean, the mountains or the dirt beneath your feet, when you allow yourself to be in awe of the beauty that nature gives us, it becomes a powerful state of surrender and meditation.

5. Cooking for loved ones

Being of service to your friends and family is a beautiful way to express love and get into a blissful state of surrender. Make it your meditation to cook a nourishing meal for yourself to share with your Beloved.

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