This episode features Ryan Yokome, a spiritual life and business coach who helps people get into alignment with their soul’s purpose to make a bigger difference in the world. Ryan is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. He is the creator of the Soul Wealth Method, a breakthrough process to reveal your soul’s purpose. Ryan helps people awaken the immense courage that resides deep within themselves. With an innovative and spiritually connected coaching process, his clients are guided to live their passion by overcoming their limitations and embracing their brilliance. I was so grateful to share this conversation with Ryan that uncovered some incredible topics. We chatted about everything ranging from manifestation to channeling from Source energy. You’ll need to listen to this episode with an open mind and be warned, you could start to see the world around you from a new and inspired perspective!

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In this episode we discuss:

[2:14] What sparked Ryan’s interest in spirituality
[6:27] The reason why people (especially spiritual teachers) go through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’.
[8:12] How Ryan tunes into people and their future on an energetic level
[12:34] Getting into alignment with the desires that you wish to manifest
[19:32] What the ‘soul’ is here to experience and why
[37:00] Understanding the reason why you want to manifest something
[45:28] How consciousness is at a pivotal point in history and the excitement of what the future holds
[50:48] Vortexes, time travel, past lives, energy sensitivity, vibration and other wildly wonderful non-physical experiences

Plus so much more!


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