Have you ever experienced frustration with another person? They just bug the crap out of you because they are not seeing your point of view? Congratulations, you’re human.

Relationships can be the biggest playground for personal development and the path to the all-illusive spiritual runway to enlightenment. If you can navigate a union, a partnership, or a marriage, without burning out your adrenal glands in the process, then you’ll be fine. For those of you that think you’re perfect, stop reading. Go and bake cookies and take selfies in a field of newly hatched ducklings, or puppies.

For the human beings still reading, this article is intended to support your conflict resolution skills in any relationship. Actually, writing this helps me to sharpen my skills and up my game. *Note: I am not currently fighting with my man. This is just a topic on my mind at present.

A great friend and mentor shared with me an extremely valuable nugget of wisdom when you’re bumping egos with another human being:

“Would you rather be right, or would you rather be in love?”

For me, I don’t choose love all the time. That would be the easy path, right? My husband and I usually argue when we’re both fighting to be right or we don’t feel heard. That is, until the awareness lands when it’s meant to. We remember why we’re together. We remember that we love one another. And then the reality kicks in. ..

Oh shit, you’re just the same as me.

We are mirrors of one another. A reflection of the parts of us being called forth to improve. 

This is one of the reasons we had Justin Timberlake’s song “Mirrors” as our first dance wedding song on the day we got married in 2013.

Remember: The other person is you. Your mirror.

You need to “namaste” the heck out your situation and honor the person that challenges you. They are your mirror.

Now, don’t go and get all uppity about this and hold that mirror up to the shit-stirrers in your life. Use this remembrance wisely and only apply when you need to.

Sit with the awareness that this big old Universe that we currently live in is a giant mirror. Everything that manifests is a reflection of the inner world. How you handle and dismantle conflict (and bumping uglies with your ego) can be the difference between the path of peace and the path of burnout.

Choose love, and secretly know you’re right. Haha. Kidding. 

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