The holidays are right around the corner. It’s the season of togetherness, of fun, playfulness and cheer. However, for many of you, there can be a “shadow side” to the silly season.

You might show up on the welcoming doorstep of family in your nerdy holiday sweaters, with your perfectly wrapped gifts, after traveling (God-knows how long) super-long distances to arrive, only to experience emotional triggers within the first hour or so. The supercharged, throw-away statements such as…

You look tired. Are you still eating bread? Have you found a man yet? When are you going to have a baby? Did you remember to connect with that dentist I emailed you about? You know, your cousin Jimmy is so successful. You should talk to him!

It’s the golden nuggets of deep spiritual work that are often revealed when you are able to withstand the storm of bothersome family dynamics. It’s the pink elephant in the room that no one talks about. Whether it’s religion, politics, sexuality, hidden secrets, addiction, taboo subjects or any other topics of discussion that you could possibly poke a stick at. It stands to reason that even the most cool, calm and collected “spiritual” individual is allowed to lose their shit under this kind of pressure. It almost always happens internally first. It’s the fantasy, inner conversations where you “let ’em have it!” and unleash your disowned fury.

But is it worthy your energy? Or are you sabotaging your efforts to manifest the life of your dreams? 

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The brilliant writer, Liz Gilbert,  said that a teacher in India once told her:

“If you think you’re spiritual and evolved and enlightened, go home for Christmas and see how it goes.”

Every year I get emails from people saying that they feel so different from their family. That their family doesn’t truly see them for who they are. That their family is intimidated by their success or perhaps even doesn’t support them in any way because their dreams are too lofty. Sound familiar? I also get asked if momentary moments of madness will dampen our connection to The Universe and how the law of attraction helps us to manifest.

But first, allow me to share with you something you may never have heard of before…

I believe that we manifest through our EMOTIONS. This might be a radically different perspective to understand, even for the more seasoned lover of The Law of Attraction. Your emotions create ENERGY and you have the ability to guide this energy when you remember your power to do so. This is why it’s such a sacred and powerful mission to show up for family holidays with your loved ones. 

This is WHY we are placed in weird, wacky and beautiful families to strengthen our superpowers. I don’t know anyone successful that wouldn’t state that they had to grow up in a “dysfunctional” dynamic. It’s survival of the spiritually fittest.

What if you could see your family (warts and all) as a blessing? What if they were a Divinely planned collective group of teachers that you didn’t judge and you could show up with thankfulness for the contrast that they teach you?

With that being said, I’m not saying that you should put up with any toxic bullcrud. I’m saying that with adversity and challenge is always the opportunity to build beauty and most important BOUNDARIES!

When you see that it’s not just YOUR FAMILY and that it’s a rite of passage for many to pave the way for powerful manifestations, then you can see that life is hilariously funny. Or in the least, God (The Universe) has a wicked sense of humor and an even killer sense of timing. Life is wondrous in the most beautiful ways when you lean in and remember that what presents itself if quite often an illusion to rise above.

Happy Holidays! May you receive the gift of compassion, of non-judgement and to see beyond what you are immediately presented with in your festive environment.

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