Healing is a sacred spiritual journey that offers so many beautiful lessons and opportunities to expand your consciousness.

We all have to embark on healing of some kind in order to move through life. Everyone experiences grief, loss, pain and suffering – but it’s the difference between a VICTIM and a CONSCIOUS PARTICIPANT that will help to create miracles.

The ‘victim’ will prolong the suffering but yet the ‘conscious participant’ will turn pain into power. 

In many cases you need to play the role of a victim for a period of time before you truly see the path of non-resistance. The middle ground is being open to a shift in your perspective about what life is presenting you with.

Today I received a powerful question from a woman that had just started using my Ancient Manifesting Ritual. Her son is suffering with an auto-immune disease and she was wanting to know if the ritual will help to heal him and alleviate the illness.

My heart goes out to this woman, because as a mother you would do anything within your power to heal your baby.

So the question is this:

Can you heal yourself and others with the power of manifestation?

The answer is yes – but both parties have to be willing to facilitate the flow of energy exchange required.

I am a BIG believer in miracles. I have known people who have overcome illness and disease despite limiting beliefs from doctors and medical professionals.

I myself have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. In fact, it’s the reason I was told that I couldn’t carry a child to full term. I believe that the intention my soul babies held was far greater than the power my ‘genetics.’ In total, I have given birth to 3 babies and lost 6 to miscarriage. Each baby is a miracle and a reminder that our health can be abundant and limitless.

Here’s another example…

I was also told that the fingernail on my left index finger would never grow back. I picked at it when I was about 10 years old (it got badly infected) and it literally turned black and blue and fell off. It’s such a nasty habit to bite or pick at your nails. For me, it was such an act of self-loathing at that time in my life.

For over 10 years I had to wear a band-aid to cover my nail stump because it was hideous to look at and I was so self-conscious. I’d hide my finger all the time and it was so exhausting.

After seeking medical advice, I was told that the nail would never grow back due to the severe damage to the nail bed. Even expensive surgery wouldn’t be able to repair it.

This was around the same time that I watched ‘The Secret’ back in 2006 that I was inspired by the story of Morris Goodman. He was in a plane crash which resulted in a broken back, a crushed spinal cord and every major muscle in his body destroyed. Doctors didn’t think he could survive because all he could do was blink. But he used visualization techniques to rebuild his health which is what I did with my finger nail (which seems so meaningless in comparison now).

I would visualize my fingernail being ‘normal’ again and send it love. I did this for about six months on a daily basis and the nail started to grow back! My affirmation was:

“Thank you Universe for my long, strong and beautiful nails.”

Now I have really long, strong and beautiful nails. I used this method in conjunction with my Ancient Manifesting Ritual and it worked. I was so thrilled to see the positive results.

The path to wellness using manifestation techniques boils down to one very powerful and simple element:

You must see yourself or your loved one as if they have already been healed. You must give thanks for their wellness despite the physical reality of what you are being presented with.

With this metaphysical game you must remember that the Universe responds to your vibrations that are generated by your feelings.

You need to choose the path of LOVE over FEAR. This takes some training, but when you stand back you can sometimes see the bigger picture and the important role this experience offers.

Your job is to stay focussed on LOVE, nurturing, and seeing wellness surrounding you and your loved ones no matter what. Hold that space relentlessly and miracles will happen. xo

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