We have so many rituals that we undertake each and every day that sculpt our lives.

We have rituals to brush our teeth, wash our bodies, move our bodies, feed our bellies, sleep, entertain ourselves and the list goes on and on…

What do you think would happen to our lives if we deliberately interjected a new set of conscious rituals into our daily routines to uplift our souls? 

Miracles would happen.

You’d start to see things literally begin to shift around you, but you have to keep the momentum going because there is serious power in persistence.





So here are 3 Key Rituals for Manifesting Your Desires…

I guarantee that if you give these a try for at least 21 days (the time it takes to get used to a new habit) your life will begin to blossom and unfold in surprising new ways for you…

1. Thought-based rituals

Make it your daily ritual to replace your crappy thoughts with happy ones. So this means no more negative self-talk. Every time you criticise yourself internally you have to immediately replace it with a self-compassionate compliment. This will change your world.

2. Feeling-based rituals

Do things on a consistent basis that make you feel good and happy. Whether it’s watching funny movies or doing something you really love like painting, writing poetry, meditating or cooking yummy food – make it your goal to do something that feels good for yourself at least twice a day. This ritual will recalibrate your soul and get you into a state of positive expectancy.

3. Action-based rituals

Plan for success by surrounding yourself in inspiration that will keep you on the track to creating a life you love and expanding your energy field.  Do at least one thing per day that educates you or gives you new information about how to live a more vibrant and conscious life. Read books, journal, write, watch YouTube videos etc..

Your soul is here on the planet to grow and learn. If you resist this natural desire to expand then life starts sending more challenges your way until you can ‘go with the flow’ and accept them as part of your growing consciousness.

Even by taking the smallest ACTION towards your desires means that they are one step closer and you are embodying your soul’s need to expand.

It all boils down to cultivating a connection between yourself and the Universe. 

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