When you first begin your journey to manifesting it can be overwhelming to know what kind of products will support your success, but I carefully curated everything you need to raise your vibe and feel inspired.

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1. A selection of crystals to energetically amplify your intentions.

Promising review: “I’ve been trying to add more crystals to my collection and for my alter. Saw these and was not disappointed! Size is accurate, points are smaller but the quality is on point! Nicely wrapped. Love my new pieces!” Alice. W

Get the collection from Amazon: $24.88

2. Pens to set the powerful intention to attract abundance.

Promising review: “These pens are very nice and write very well; I will be ordering additional ones for gifting. Great job!” LeLee

Get the set of six on Amazon: $8.99

3. A book that helps you to instantly manifest based on how you’re feeling.

Promising review: “I bought this book in hardback, audio and kindle forms I don’t go anywhere without it! I absolutely love it.” – Samantha Riley

NOTE: There are over 3,000 five-star reviews!

Get this bestselling book on Amazon: $11.46

4. Burn sage in your home to clear the energy.

Promising review: “Super cute for the gift baskets I threw together and they were all in perfect shape when they got here.” – Trinity Lace

Different options available on Amazon: $13.99

5. The most magical essential oil to attract ABUNDANCE.


Pro manifesting tip: This beautiful oil (ABUNDANCE) is a manifesting blend that helps you attract wealth and health in your life. Eight essential oils are combined to create an aroma that enhances the frequency of the energy field.

Get it from Young Living: $51.97 or current price for members: $39.50

6. An amethyst roller to raise your vibration that is also good for your skin.

Pro manifesting tip: Do your affirmations during your daily skincare routine.

“High quality and very effective! Love how relaxing and soothing it is to use. Highly recommend!” H.Grisson

Get it on Amazon: $19.99

7. The best 11:11 tee that is the ultimate sign of alignment


Get it from the Sarah Prout MERCH store: $24

8. Create a fabulous vision board to visualize your dreams.

Get the 47×37 inch option on Amazon: $79.95

9. A Happy Golden Feng Shui Buddha statue that attracts abundance and prosperity.

Pro manifesting tip: Place this statue on your meditation altar.

Get it on Amazon: $31.59

10. A powerful manifesting ritual to attract anything you want.

Get it here: $9.00

11. A cute essential oil diffuser to raise the vibe of your environment.

Promising review: “I’ve bought this diffuser 6 times, 3 for my home and 3 as gifts. It’s my favorite one for style and easy use.” Dani

Get it on Amazon: $29.95 and if you need the most beautiful essential oils click here.

12. Wearable crystals that attract self-love and abundance.

Pro manifesting tip: Meditate with your jewelry and set the intention that it acts as a reminder of the creation of your dreams.

Get the beautiful stack on Amazon: $71.77

13. Align with your desires with a crown chakra singing bowl.

Pro manifesting tip: This singing bowl amplifies your vibration and accelerates your manifestations.

Get it on Amazon: $114.99

14. Sacred geometry for your wall.

Get it on Amazon: $14.99

15. A beautiful statue of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi to help to attract good fortune, abundance and prosperity.

Promising review: “The work on this statue is intricate and well done. Beautiful statue, well designed.” – Carol Chapel

Get it on Amazon: $51.75

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