In this thought-provoking episode of the MANIFEST Podcast, we are honored to have Sean Patrick Simpson join us. Sean is not only my husband (the love of my life) and the CEO of our company,, but also a visionary entrepreneur, critical thinker, and a beacon of intuitive wisdom. His unique perspective on life, deep understanding of the human psyche, and commitment to living a life of sovereignty and freedom make him a fascinating guest. As we navigate the turbulent waters of today’s world, Sean’s insights offer a guiding light towards embracing our own power, manifesting our dreams, and living with purpose and passion.

Embracing Sovereignty in Turbulent Times: Insights from Sean Patrick Simpson

[2:54-3:17] Introducing Sean Patrick Simpson

[4:06-4:46] The Essence of Our Work

[5:23-5:40] New Opportunities for Spiritual Awakening

[6:19-6:48] Speaking from Scars, Not Wounds

[8:24-8:44] Honoring Those Who Speak Their Truth

[9:20-9:48] The Shift Towards Authenticity and Unity

[11:02-11:22] The Challenge of Confrontation and Expression

[14:00-14:37] The Myth of “Good Vibes Only”

[17:40-18:26] Reflecting on 2020 and Personal Growth

[22:05-22:53] The Importance of Speaking Your Truth

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