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The MANIFEST Podcast is a top-rated manifestation show that will deliver you a brand new dose of inspiration each week. Every episode is designed to remind you that you have the power to create your own reality and manifest your dreams when you connect to the energy of the Universe.

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Danielle LaPorte
Marci Shimoff
Michelle Sorro
Michael Trainer
Grace Smith

This podcast has been immensely helpful and inspiring. Sarah has a wonderful personality and her wisdom shines through in every episode. The essence of what she teaches is so powerful and positive it feels good to listen to and even better to apply the knowledge. Sarah is always honest and her transparent nature makes me feel connected to her even though I’ve never met her! Though I do hope to one day so I can thank her in person.


BEST PODCAST EVER! I finally found the perfect podcast about manifesting! I got tired of those manifesting podcasts who are only trying to sell you their coaching programs, they forget about the topic and spend a lot of energy and time trying to sell us stuff! But this podcast is beautiful! I love your voice and the thing you talk about ❤️ I want to thank you for taking the time to make this episodes.