How Much More Could You Grow with the Help of a Spiritual Mentor?

Sarah is now offering exclusive coaching programs dedicated to helping you upgrade your intuition, release subconscious blocks, amplify your energy and manifest your intentions.

She’s had the honor of working as a spiritual advisor with high performers, celebrities and VIP executives over the last decade as the world’s leading manifestation expert.

Sarah is devoted to upgrading the subconscious minds, intuitive faculties and creativity/inspiration levels of her clients. If this interests you please see the options below.

Learn more about how you can get my help to personally guide you into the next stage of growth in your life, business, and spiritual evolution.

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These are the 2023 rates for the VIP Mentoring program options.

Understanding Manifestation

I emphasize the power of thoughts, emotions, and intentions in shaping our reality. I believe anyone can learn to harness this power to manifest their desires.

Intuitive Decision Making

I often speak about the importance of intuition in guiding life choices. By tuning into your intuitive senses, you can make decisions that are more aligned with their true self and desires.

& Presence

Many of my teachings revolve around being present and fully experiencing the current moment. This practice can lead to increased happiness, reduced stress, and a clearer perspective on life.


1. The Visionary Collective

The Visionary Collective, an intimate mastermind providing weekly insights, networking with like-minded individuals, and access to my extensive program library.

2. VIP Mentoring

This 60 MINUTE call will be a discussion about your unique needs, intentions and dreams for the future of your life and business.  This session includes spiritual/intuitive council and more information on working with Sarah.

3. Manifestation 1:1 Session

One-on-one 30 minute manifestation sessions call will be a discussion about your unique needs, intentions and dreams for the future of your life and business. 


The Process

Initial consultation

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Research & analysis

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Strategy development

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Creative execution

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Implementation & brand launch

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