My husband Sean and I tried a little experiment that had some surprising results. For the last month we took a vow of silence in our bedroom. That meant that there was to be no verbal communication between us at all. Our goal was to generate the energy of sacred space in our bedroom.

We started out lip reading and writing notes, but then decided that we weren’t going to communicate that way, instead we took a ‘Charade’ type approach and created various gestures.

Needless, to say there was so much laughter, meaningful connection and presence that we cultivated that took our relationship to a new level.

The other rule was that we weren’t allowed our iPhones in the bedroom either. So there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Instead, we read books…actual, flip the paper, books. Remember those? Also, it meant that the absent distracting energy of electronics allowed for more ‘us’ time – if you catch my drift. We’ve been fully committed to spending as much quality time together as possible since our baby girl Lulu will be born next week.

The reason we tried this…

Too often couples suffer because they don’t create space for quality, meaningful, connected time with one another. We’re always on our phones, on Insta or Pinterest or reading tech articles about the latest Apple release. There sometimes isn’t enough eye contact and full attentiveness. This experiment transformed our bedroom into a place of rest, rejuvenation and meaningful connection.

During our experiment we noticed the following things started to happen…

We began to become more telepathic.

There were certain looks that we would give on another that indicated that we knew exactly what the other one was talking about, sometimes before we even motioned a gesture.

We also didn’t have any space for drama, talking about business stuff after hours, the kids, the dogs, or just talking for the sake of talking. We totally transformed our bedroom into our own sanctuary for connection. We knew that when we stepped out of our space that we could talk and catch up on the things we really wanted to say to one another.

There were times when we forgot about the vow of silence where we quickly slapped our hands over our mouths, laughed about it and then got back on track. It was so much fun on so many levels. We now know that we can try this again when we feel it’s time to shake things up a little and rekindle our spark. I think we’ll start talking again, but the new anti-iPhone/electronics policy will remain in place.

The energy of peacefulness we have through not having social media in bed with us is truly blissful.

This experiment is highly recommended if you feel a sense of disconnection from your partner and you want to try and initiate more playfulness and connection. Sean and I shared so many laughs – it’s well worth an attempt if you’re both willing to give it a go.

Would you try this? Or does it sound crazy to you?


Ring-a-ding-ding. Your soul is calling and you start to make money doing what you LOVE. You’re 111% committed to changing the lives of others, and being creatively fulfilled in order to nurture your heart. ‘Ordinary’ entrepreneurs look for opportunities to cash in on, and there’s nothing wrong with this. However, the truly ‘spiritual’ entrepreneur sees the high-level overview of awareness and how their venture expands the consciousness of everyone that participates in the cycle of prosperity.

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur? You know you are if you can identify with any one of the following traits…

1. Spiritual entrepreneurs acknowledge that deep spiritual work is a never-ending story.

Making money doing what you love has various scary moments to be confronted with. You are challenged with breaking through emotional blockages, worthiness issues and sometimes severe bouts of doubt. You may find yourself getting in the way of your own flow of abundance too, which means that your consciousness expands to allow for growth take place. Whatever challenges you are faced with must be seen as a powerful teacher. Time passes and the lessons will be revealed. Honour the fact you put your hand up to do this work.

2. Spiritual entrepreneurs have a powerful purpose and clear vision.

It’s so important to keep your eyes on the prize and remember the ‘why’ behind your chosen business venture. Remember that nothing is ever set in stone and it’s perfectly okay to evolve and change your mind. As long as you check back in and see that you’re doing something because it is alignment with your big vision.

3. Spiritual entrepreneurs know that being of service and helping others is the key to success.

There is a beautiful energy exchange that happens when you remove selfishness out of the transactional equation of enterprise. When you serve others from a place of having a true desire to assist and nurture, then miracles happen.

4. Spiritual entrepreneurs meditate often or at least know how to.

The real and most authentic foundation to being a spiritual entrepreneur is the art of being present. This is the core element to success. If you can still your mind and tune in to the Universal flow and life-force then you are recharging all of your creative facilities and allowing awesomeness to manifest.  A true spiritual entrepreneur can make a meditation out of anything – washing dishes, drawing, walking the dog, applying mascara. The meditation is in the present moment. It’s right now.

5. Spiritual entrepreneurs are ‘in flow’ but it doesn’t get in the way of productivity.

Yes, it’s true, spiritual entrepreneurs can often be found daydreaming and riding around on a unicorn in a field of cherry blossom. However, they know that there is work to be done. Spiritual entrepreneurs know that systems are the backbone of business success. Make this your mantra.

6. Spiritual entrepreneurs are keen philanthropists.

Spiritual entrepreneurs understand the energy of money and know that if you freely release money to a greater cause it will bounce back to you. If you give without expectation and help someone else (or a worthy cause) then you are engaging in the process to strengthen your abundance vibration.

7. Spiritual entrepreneurs surround themselves with others that uplift them.

Spiritual entrepreneurs have a tribe, a soul family, a collective group of supporters that understand and nurture the journey they’re on. Spiritual entrepreneurs also regularly do ‘friendship audits’ to make sure they want to exchange energy with people that aren’t going to poo on their parade. Some may see this as judgement, others see it as self-love.

8. Spiritual entrepreneurs post a lot of inspirational quotes on Facebook and Instagram of green smoothies, kale salads, rainbows and vision boards.

Yep, it’s true. Spiritual entrepreneurs need to appear to be hemorrhaging rainbows of awe-induced glittery notions at all possible times. It’s a creative way to use social media and electronics addiction for a greater good. And it works.

9. Spiritual entrepreneurs have usually travelled a painful journey to give themselves permission to make money from their passion.

There is a deep and gut-wrenching drive from people that have turned their pain into power. It’s our stories that align us with the people that need our help the most.

10. Spiritual entrepreneurs are authentic in their written communication and deeply moved by the connection and impact they have on the lives of others.

Blog comments, Facebook love-notes and submitting testimonials all feed a spiritual entrepreneur and act as powerful feedback to let them know they are making a difference in the world. They are also very helpful to look at in times of doubt in order to get back on track.

11. Spiritual entrepreneurs know that no one is perfect.

The personal growth and personal development industry is riddled with people that think they have it all figured out and strive for perfection. True spiritual entrepreneurs know that you are not broken.  True spiritual entrepreneurs appeal to your awareness that you know you are en ever evolving being and that things aren’t always unicorns, rainbows and glitter-cannons of gut-busting laughter. True spiritual entrepreneurs know that we’re all on a specific path, there is no pedestal and that celebrities are just normal people. True spiritual entrepreneurs also know how to work their faults, their flaws and their downfalls and turn them into the most exquisite silver linings.


Creativity is a powerful spiritual practice and process. 

I’m entering a new phase in the development of my brand where I want to start making more art to inspire people.

Recently, I’ve been hand-drawing vibrant mandalas with my own unique twist and the response has been overwhelming. Now I’m doing a little market research to see if people would be interested in me creating custom mandalas for them based on intentions, colour schemes, affirmations and a desire to own a beautiful piece of original artwork (by yours truly).

Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल Maṇḍala, ‘circle’) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. They help to create and hold a sacred space for metaphysical adventures, manifesting and meditation.


The specs:

– Each piece can take up to 5 hours to create.
– They are hand-drawn on 200gsm white quill board (acid free, from sustainable sources).
– I use a mixed variety of ink pens (Copic, Sharpie and Posca).
– It’s a very surrendered and meditative process for me and something I truly love to do. I pour my heart into it.
– The finished artwork is A4 (21.0 x 29.7cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches).

*Please note it will be delivered to you unframed. 



Being an artist is in my blood.


At 14, I worked for Hallmark as their youngest gift wrap designer (see picture above). My work could be purchased in various department stores around the world. At 19, I held my first solo-art exhibition and when I was 23, I was a prizewinner in the the SHELL Livewire Entreprenerial Awards to fund my own stationery business start-up. I am a multi-passionate creative which is why I love to write books, draw pictures and design beautiful pieces of jewellery.

What you get from me.

  • A beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of unique and original hand-drawn artwork.
  • Every mandala will be different. Like snowflakes, no two pieces will be the same.
  • They aren’t designed to be perfect, they are designed to project vibrant original beauty, prompt cosmic connection and remind you that you create your own magic.
  • An affirmation and intention for your mandala (separate from the artwork).

Happy Valentine’s Day! In my humble opinion every single day should be a chance to show up and love your honey – not just a retail-driven day designated for red lingerie, heart-shaped chocolates and teddy-bears.

It could be that life is about to change radically for us leading up to the birth of our daughter soon, so my husband and I have been taking time to connect more and nurture our relationship. We know that our marriage is a living, breathing, ongoing work-in-progress that requires daily love and comittment.

Over our last five years (nearly) that we’ve been together, we’ve invested in coaching programs, written an entire course about how to attract your soulmate, written to our mentor for advice and unravelled some pretty groundbreaking truths. Sean and I both found ourselves on the same page time and time again – we are in this for life.

Firstly, because we love one another. And secondly we’re both committed to doing whatever it takes to make the one another the most important person on the entire planet. This even means putting one another before the children. We are unified in showing them how loving one another and having a strong marriage is the one the greatest gifts we can give them.

So I sent Sean (my husband) this article.

“We want intimacy and avoid sex. Or we fear intimacy and crave sex.”

And he read it, we tried it. Every. Single. Suggestion.

Now I’m not going to dive into the saucy details, but I will share with you the process we started with (which wasn’t during making love) which was to try soul gazing and stare into each other’s eyes for as long as possible. Have you tried is with your lover?

Oh my, it was a soul-changing two hours.

The eye gazing was a lot tougher and intimate than I ever could have imagined. At first, we were both laughing and found it tough to settle. I was fidgeting, not able to keep still or keep my eyes locked with Sean’s, they would flitter all over the place. We both started to really ‘see’ one another, and I’m talking about the type of seeing where you can see the fabric of spirit starting to twinkle in tiny particles that transform you. We forged through various stages ranging from laughter, playfulness, curiosity and then tears.

It was the most vulnerable I have ever been with another human being – he could see ALL of me. What was the biggest surprise was how much of a wall I had created around this level of intimacy that we had dabbled with in the past but hadn’t consciously made time for. How hard can it be to truly stare into someone’s eyes?

There was a new level of compassion and connectedness that was unlocked.

We saw the discomfort and the walls in one another break down.

I witnessed the flow of our masculine and feminine energies – they merged and played with one another as if it was supercharging our life force and not only ours but the love and life-force that animates our daughter growing with me.

Life is all about peeling back the layers to uncover a new level of consciousness and connection to the divine within.

The message you can take home from this blog post? If you can’t be vulnerable, you can’t be intimate. If you can’t truly be intimate then you’ll be blocking the beautiful soul-growth that can naturally unfold when you’re in a loving committed relationship with another human being.

7 Things Women Should Never Apologize For


As women, sometimes we end up saying sorry for things that don’t warrant forgiveness or approval seeking. Why should we be sorry for empowered choices that we make or natural stuff that happens? 

Following my wildly popular article called 10 Things You Should Never Apologise for For…Ever (over 46k likes!!) I wanted to expand upon the content and add a few more things. Here are 7 Things Women Should Never Apologize for.

1. Sexuality and feminine expression

The beauty of being a woman (or a man for that matter) is the choice you have to express yourself sexually in the world or in a relationship with another human being. You should never feel the need to say sorry for the way you express yourself in this department unless it breaks a mutual commitment you have made with someone. Also, the way you express your feminine essence is never to be apologized for. The Divine Feminine energy can manifest in a multitude of different and beautiful ways that can only be defined by you. 

2. Wanting babies

For many women (not all) this is a biological urge to carry and birth a baby, or at least nurture something or someone. If you haven’t had children yet and want them, never feel the need to apologize for your desires. There are a vast number of ways that nurturing energy can manifest in your life – from having pets, plants and contributing to the world around you. The key is to stay true to what you think your soul needs in order to expand. Babies usually appear in perfect divine timing.

3. Not wanting babies

As mentioned above, there are many ways being a nurturer can manifest in the world and not liking or wanting your own children is perfectly fine. Never feel the need to justify the reasons you don’t want to have kids. There are way too many people out there in the world that procreated from a place of insecurity, accident or their own limiting beliefs. Owning your decisions is beautiful and authentic.

4. Making more money

Never say sorry for being able to draw prosperity into your life. It will create a block in the pipeline and scare the money off. Allow for abundant energy to flow by being fearless in your faith that making money is your birthright and super-easy. 

5. Changing our minds

A free-thinking human being’s mind is totally allowed to change their minds. This isn’t restricted to male or female. If your heart is in tune with your desires, then your mind can totally change the course of action intended…unless you change your mind. 

6. That time of the month

“Sorry, I’m hormonal. I’ve got my period.”

Bullshit. This is total bullshit. Apologizing for a scared ritual that needs to occur on a monthly basis for a woman is like saying sorry for every poop you’ve ever released from the depth of your bowels. Hormones are beautiful teachers, that allow us to ride the wave of life and navigate a clear path. It’s the contrast of feeling happy and sad in life that paves the future.

7. Being who you really are

Whoever you are, whatever you want to do – never apologize for the way your heart expresses itself in the world. Your role is to be who you really are – unapologetically – and cultivate love and compassion from the people around you that nurture and support your dreams.

I felt the need to share this very personal letter publicly to not only honour my amazing husband (Sean Patrick Simpson) but to honour all women that have carried life into the world. Right now as I write these words I’m about 8 months pregnant – feeling swollen, oh-so-tired yet excited to meet our baby girl in the next month or so. Sean and I called her spirit forth with such powerful intention that it’s going to be so very very special to stare into her eyes very soon and say ‘welcome’.

This letter really represents true love to me and it fills me with such immense gratitude that my man is such a profoundly beautiful soul. I am thrilled that our daughter will be born into such a strong union. As you read this, think of the ways you could express gratitude, awe and wonder to the special people in your life.

Dear Sarah,

I was writing this as both a letter to you, as well as an open statement to all pregnant woman that I was going to share on Facebook. The problem was, my words kept turning back to you and OUR baby specifically 🙂 So I’m just going to send this to you my love.

You are so beautiful.

I say it to you nearly every day. But in case you haven’t ‘heard it’ recently, please know this. Please feel it. You are so incredibly beautiful.

The journey of pregnancy, for both a man and a woman, is an amazing one. It’s beautiful, it’s surreal, and one that is truly hard to understand and fully grasp without having gone through it.

But it’s also a hard one.

For her – the body goes through so much during that 9 months. It’s growing a human for God’s sake! Emotionally, physically – it’s an intense experience.

For him and her – your ENTIRE world is about to change. Mixed in with all the joy, excitement and anticipation for the future, there is uncertainty, fear, and questions that arise such as, “how the f**k are we going to do this?!!”

The good news is, billions and billions of people before you ‘did it’. And it’ll ALL be okay! In fact, it’ll be the ride of a lifetime.

But I digress…

The point of this is you, now, the beautiful, beautiful pregnant woman.

My God, you’re the most beautiful being I have ever seen.

The way you are.

The way you evolve with our baby over those 9 months.

The way you care for, nourish and love that soul within you.

I say with absolute truth Sarah, you have never been so beautiful.

I love you belly boombah. 

Oh gosh, see why I love him so much and I had to share this? Being respected,validated and ‘seen’ (truly seen) by your partner/lover/husband/wife is honestly one of the greatest gifts a relationship can bring as long as you also are willing to do the same. xo

A hard hitting truth jumped up and smacked me in the soul last week…

I have experienced emotional blocks around honouring masculine energy. Or, in the very least understanding it.

For as long as I can remember I have been so focussed on honouring the divine feminine, tuning into the importance of female empowerment and surrounding myself with pink, sparkly, energy that I ignored and honestly poo-pooed the divine masculine in both myself and others around me.

When I had my ‘lightbulb moment’ with this I knew that I needed to start shifting some beliefs in order to be a better wife to my husband, a better mother to my 13-year old son and a better mother to my two daughters.

Here are 5 Ways to Embrace Masculine Energy That Will Transform Your Relationship With Men…

1. Release your patterning and let go of the blocks

The emotional patterning of not honouring masculine energy has been heavily sculpted by my mother (love you Mum) that has ‘suffered’ and ‘put up’ with men for her entire life. She taught me how to roll my eyes, not trust men very much and on a subtle level think that they are stupid or could do something stupid at any given moment. Ouch! Now this is very real and raw to share, but it’s my hope that this new level of awareness will invite a new space for conscious understanding to unfold.  I’ve always accepted men into my life on a closer level that embodied the more ‘softer’ feminine qualities and really, this is kind of bullshit.

Once I saw that even the most subtle patterns within me to block masculine energy were there, I wanted to free myself of it immediately. 

Affirmation: I now support, cherish and acknowledge that men and women are different. Their innate energy must be honoured and I lovingly let go of all pre-conditioning from my past. Allow people to be who they are.

2. Honour the required masculine/feminine balance in your relationship and within yourself

I love men. Particularly, especially and unequivocally my man – he’s my magpie. However, the survival of the strength of our relationship is dependent on a very important element I feel like I have overlooked – the balance of our divine masculine and feminine energy. I’m now looking for ways to support and assist ways that masculine energy can thrive within our union. And my husband honours the feminine energy within me that is allowed space to be freely expressed. We are committed to creating the perfect flow. 

Affirmation: I allow space for divine masculine and feminine energy to flow freely as a true expression of our souls and our love.

3. Celebrate the differences. Party like it’s 1999

Yes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus but the contrast MUST be celebrated in order to be understood. Instead of condemning or demonising things or concepts you don’t understand, try and be compassionate and value the perspective your man is sharing. Sometimes they are clues to a whole new realm of beautiful possibilities and experiences you could share with one another.

Affirmation: I see you. All of you. I honour you no matter what. I’m all in. 

4. Don’t be bound by definitions or ‘shoulds’

Be prepared to re-wire what you THINK a man is and how you think he SHOULD behave. There are an infinite amount of ways that divine masculine energy can manifest in your life.

Affirmation: I freely allow my man to choose his own outlets of masculine expression. It’s not my place to restrict his energetic growth. Being ‘manly’ is not up to me to define.

5. Praise, acknowledgement and making him feel significant mean everything

I read this beautiful line from Danielle Laporte’s most recent post: ‘Men work better if you enjoy them.’ And I think this is such profound truth.

Men love praise – they love to feel valued. In fact, this is definitely not bound by gender. Everyone loves to feel significant to their partner or significant others. If you see him doing something that embodies his true essence, tell him, praise him and love him for it.

Making your lover certain they are number 1 in your world will make your foundations rock solid and all the sweeter.

Affirmation: My privilege is to honour my man, and appreciate the way he honours me in our relationship.

Now my loves, tell me what you’re feelings are about this. Tell me how masculine energy is allowed to manifest in your life and the ways it is used for the growth of your spirit and union. xo

Why Your Word Is Your Wand

Don’t say stuff you don’t mean. Or better yet…

click to tweetOnly speak of things you wish to create because you are paving your reality with your words.

// You really are.

How many people do you know use complaining as their standard way of conversing?

‘Oh isn’t the weather miserable?’ < insert heavy sigh here.

Years ago I made a firm commitment to step out of these kinds of situations but sometimes I get sucked into drama. I don’t make myself wrong for it, I just allow enough space for self-compassion and then press the re-set button.

So how do we learn to use our word as our wand in a world of contrasting vibrational set-points?

It’s easy!

+ First you promise yourself that you’re going to rise above the negative energy of others and don’t let it affect you.

+ Secondly, you stand guard at the doorway to your thoughts and re-frame all notions of resistance, rigidity and negativity and turn it into something softer and more manageable.

+ And thirdly, you learn to listen to yourself, take responsibility for what you say and trust that you are creating with your spoken word.

It rattles and buzzes the energy out to the correlating vibrations faster than a streak of weasel’s pee, so you need to learn to master yourself and your emotional outgoings to fully work the powers of the Law of Attraction.

Happy stuff attracts happy stuff and crappy stuff always attracts more crappy stuff.

It’s very simple.

So next time you’re about to have a grizzle about something, remember that your word is your wand. It’s covered in the fizziest of rainbow glitter that explodes with all sorts of creative and unlimited possibilities.