Bestselling Author / Award-Winning Entrepreneur / Publisher / Manifesting Expert Who am I? : My soul’s passion is to sprinkle unlimited, creative possibilities and new perspectives everywhere I go. How? By being truly devoted to teaching people about how to follow their heart, manifest their desires and create their own miracles. The way we live in the world is a game to me. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and that our day-to-day lives and the fabric of our reality is constructed by our thoughts and feelings. Our innate super-powers are sparked by the things we love. Let me empower you to unleash your goals, dreams, wishes and desires and make them happen.

"Sarah ranks among the top Australian media profiles and it's not an opportunity she wastes."

- Australian Financial Review

THE SPARK INSIDE MY SOUL: My 3 beautiful children, my twin-flame/soulmate husband, writing, metaphysics, manifesting, entrepreneurship, art/design/creativity, the colour pink, orchids, thunderstorms, sparkles, the law of vibration, good books, the sound of the ocean, wordplay, the number 111, butterflies, meditation, rainbow magic, vegan food, disco inferno, adornment, superconsciousness, laughter.


Sarah Prout has been teaching the art of metaphysics, creating your own miracles and manifesting for over a decade.

She is a bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur and publisher. Her books have currently over 90,000 copies in print in over 27 countries around the globe.

Her first bestselling book ‘The Power of Influence’ was translated into German for European distribution. As a self-help writer, Sarah is devoted to teaching people to create a life they adore. Sarah has been called “one of Australia’s top media profiles”, “one of the top bloggers to watch by ProBlogger”, and “a modern-day Florence Shovel Shinn”.

Her work has been featured on Sunrise on 7 (TV), LA Talk Radio, The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, Mindvalley Academy, BRW Magazine, Yahoo!, Women’s Day, The Australian Financial Review, FinerMinds.com, Sunday Herald Sun, :NoteBook magazine, ThinkBIG Magazine and numerous others.

Sarah has presented lectures on the importance of authenticity and social media, the Law of Attraction, her self-love journey recovering from domestic violence, how to follow your heart and create a business you love. In 2010, Sarah met her soulmate (Sean Patrick Simpson) on Twitter from opposite ends of the planet. Together, they created a media company for conscious entrepreneurs to share their unique messages with the world through empowered publishing solutions (Verbii.com).