Bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, creator of the Manifesting Academy, wellness advocate, mama of 4, and host of the Journey to Manifesting podcast. There are no coincidences. You’re here for a reason because you feel in your heart that there is a higher vision and purpose for your life.

You’ve probably been on one hell of a journey to get to where you are today. Life has been training you to rise up, which is why NOW is the perfect time to consciously create your own reality to align with your desires. It’s time to manifest joy, abundance, purpose, wellness, and love. Let me show you how…


Before SARAH PROUT became a well-known manifesting teacher for empowering millions of people and sharing inspiration around the world, she had some incredibly creative challenges to overcome. She left a 10-year marriage of domestic violence with two suitcases, two children and over $30,000 of stressful credit card debt. This left her living below the poverty line and struggling to feed her babies. Her deflated sense of self-worth didn’t know if she would ever manifest true love, financial freedom or vibrant health. Sarah’s story is the perfect example of how you can transform your life to believe in limitless possibilities after you have hit rock bottom. However, you must take INSPIRED ACTION. The Universe is always supporting your journey but you have to set powerful intentions and take action to create powerful change. Fast forward a few years, and Sarah is the co-founder of Soul Space Media alongside her soulmate husband, Sean Patrick Simpson.