Tomorrow I am going to give birth to my daughter, Lulu Dawn


Words can’t truly describe the excitement, joy and love I feel for the beautiful human being I am carrying for the very last day. At the time I am writing this I have been pregnant for nearly 18 months (with a 1 month break) in nearly 2 years. I’m sitting here rubbing my giant belly…

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Taking A Vow of Bedroom Silence For Deeper Connection, Fun and Intimacy with Your Lover


My husband Sean and I tried a little experiment that had some surprising results. For the last month we took a vow of silence in our bedroom. That meant that there was to be no verbal communication between us at all. Our goal was to generate the energy of sacred space in our bedroom. We started…

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11 Traits of Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Ring-a-ding-ding. Your soul is calling and you start to make money doing what you LOVE. You’re 111% committed to changing the lives of others, and being creatively fulfilled in order to nurture your heart. ‘Ordinary’ entrepreneurs look for opportunities to cash in on, and there’s nothing wrong with this. However, the truly ‘spiritual’ entrepreneur sees the high-level…

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Why do I keep seeing the number 111 everywhere?

What Does Seeing 111 Mean?

This is a question I get asked so much, especially from my manifesting students around the world. For me the number 111 is extremely special. I’ve been seeing this number as a form of guidance for as long as I can remember. My birthday is on the 1st of November (1/11) or (11/1) for my…

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Mandalas for Manifesting: How Creativity is a Powerful Spiritual Process


Creativity is a powerful spiritual practice and process.  I’m entering a new phase in the development of my brand where I want to start making more art to inspire people. Recently, I’ve been hand-drawing vibrant mandalas with my own unique twist and the response has been overwhelming. Now I’m doing a little market research to…

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