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Make it your mission to create your own soul-change

In a few days my family and I are moving to Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast here in Australia. It’s time for us to say good-bye for now to Melbourne, which I will always think of as home. Even though I already lived in Noosa for 14 months after I got... read more

11 Powerful Affirmations for Abundance

As it is the eve of a brand spanking new financial year (for us here in Australia anyway) I thought I would share my most favourite abundance affirmations from the fabulous Florence Scovel Shinn. Say them aloud, really feel into the space of prosperity, print them,... read more

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“Sarah Prout ranks among the top Australian media profiles and it’s
not an opportunity she wastes.” – The Australian Financial Review

“Sarah’s blog is so divine I almost want to eat it.”

Amber Petty

Founder, AmberPetty.com.au

“I have immense appreciation for Sarah for teaching me that it’s OK to have a conscious business and live a conscious life that is filled with abundance.”

Renee Mayne

Founder, BraQueen.com.au

“Sarah will show you the web’s potential for influence and give you insight into how to grow yours.”

Darren Rowse

Founder, ProBlogger.net

“Every so often it hits me what a huge blessing Sarah Prout has been in my life. She saw something in me that made me see it in myself.”

Althea de Las Estrellas

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