20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


I teach my mastermind students and people in my blogging community all about the importance of authenticity and blogging from your heart. To do this, you need to allow your audience to get to know you. However, a lot of people refrain from putting themselves ‘out there’ because they’re fearful of being judged. By giving…

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Why Your Word Is Your Wand

why your word is your wand

Don’t say stuff you don’t mean. Or better yet… Only speak of things you wish to create because you are paving your reality with your words. // You really are. How many people do you know use complaining as their standard way of conversing? ‘Oh isn’t the weather miserable?’ < insert heavy sigh here. Years…

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The Birth Story of Lulu Dawn


(WARNING: This is a long post that starts with Lulu’s birth and then covers my out of body experience when my spinal anaesthesia wore off. I might sound a little crazy, but felt the need to blog about it.) Before I begin, you can read all about my journey from 5 consecutive miscarriages to finally falling…

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Tomorrow I am going to give birth


Words can’t truly describe the excitement, joy and love I feel for the beautiful human being I am carrying for the very last day. At the time I am writing this I have been pregnant for nearly 18 months (with a 1 month break) in nearly 2 years. I’m sitting here rubbing my giant belly…

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