Make it your mission to create your own soul-change

In a few days my family and I are moving to Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast here in Australia. It’s time for us to say good-bye for now to Melbourne, which I will always think of as home. Even though I already lived in Noosa for 14 months after I got divorced, I think this is a new and exciting chapter for us and I feel like we’re breaking through into a new reality.

This move is our sea-change/soul-change as lifestyle entrepreneurs. We identified that there is no point living a life of creative freedom if we don’t live a healthy lifestyle that prompts us to be outdoors more – breathing fresh air, taking walks with our dogs and running barefoot on the sand with the kids.

We want more sunshine, rainbows, starry nights, thunderstorms and the roaring sound of the ocean.

We have ridden the horrendous wave of uncertainty over the last 10 months losing 5 pregnancies, but it has been such a powerful teacher to remind us that uncertainty isn’t that bad at all. As scary as it is, it’s a state of being that is experienced by everybody at one point or another during their lifetime. You never know what will show up from one day to the next – but the most important thing to do is be present with it all.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

The mission we have set for ourselves and our new home on the beach is to be more present with nature, each other, our own sense of wellness, and the children. We needed an attitude adjustment.

But here’s the thing, you don’t need to move to the beach to experience presence, or wellness or being more available to your loved ones – you just have to set the intention and make it happen. Life is about freedom and stepping into the wholeness of what makes your heart sing.

Make it your own mission to create your own soul-change and see how your life magically changes around you.

With Soul-Changey Goodness,





11 Powerful Affirmations for Abundance

11 Powerful Affirmations for Abundance

As it is the eve of a brand spanking new financial year (for us here in Australia anyway) I thought I would share my most favourite abundance affirmations from the fabulous Florence Scovel Shinn. Say them aloud, really feel into the space of prosperity, print them, share them, and allow for abundance to unfold.
I now draw form the abundance of the spheres my immediate and endless supply. All channels are free! All doors are open!
I now release the gold-mine within me. I am linked with an endless golden stream of prosperity which comes to me under grace in perfect ways.
Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of abundance forever.
My God is a God of plenty and I now receive all that I desire or require, and more.
All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in great avalanches of abundance, under grace in miraculous ways.
Tweet Tweet!My supply is endless, inexhaustible and immediate and comes to me under grace in perfect ways.
All channels are free and all doors fly open for my immediate and endless, Divinely Designed supply.
I give thanks that the millions which are mine by Divine Right, now pour in and pile up under grace in perfect ways.
Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, and endless avalanches of abundance are poured out upon me, under grace in perfect ways.
Tweet Tweet!I spend money under direct inspiration wisely and fearlessly knowing my supply is endless and immediate.
I am fearless in letting money go out, knowing God is my immediate and endless supply.
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I am enough

Visual Inspiration: I Am Enough

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.”   

Florence Scovel Shinn


Sale! It’s time to make magic happen in your life and business

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VIP coaching via email with Sarah Prout

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21 Days to Attract Your Soulmate

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With Love and Gratitude,






15 Ways Sharing Your Story With Others Will Change Your Life

Today’s post is about how giving your authentic voice permission to share your personal story with the world will change your life. And when I say ‘change’ this could range anywhere from knowing that you have saved someone’s life, to becoming aware that you have the power to illuminate an inspired path for a total stranger. These awesome shifts of awareness have radical effects on your own levels of confidence in business and life. And the beauty is that everyone has a story to share, no matter how big or small they perceive it to be.

As a publisher, I have worked with hundreds of authors that ride the wave of blissful excitement when they know their words are going to be read by thousands of people around the globe. In honour of the official launch of our upcoming Heart to Heart series, here are 15 Ways Sharing Your Story With Others Will Change Your Life.

1. You’re welcoming powerful human connection

Whether you publish a book, write a blog post or write a private letter to someone, you are opening the door to establish powerful human connection by sharing your heart-felt emotions. In this fast-paced world of iPhones, iPads, SmartPhones and various forms of gadgetry, it’s important to see the technology as a powerful tool to disseminate emotive concepts that changes lives.

2. You’re inspiring others + sparking resonance

As soon as you drum up the guts to share personal stories you have immense power in your pen, quill or keyboard. Your ideas, insights and experiences can inspire others to follow a similar path or avoid the dangerous mistakes that you might have made. Your words have the power for people to see themselves and make changes if need be. Just resonating in the heart of one person can make a difference.

3. You’re offering insight, hindsight and valuable perspective

By offering your perspective you allow for other possibilities to be introduced into the minds and hearts of others that they might never had heard of or been exposed to before. As ever-evolving beings we all have teachings to share that can impact others. Trust in your ability to teach.

4. You’re honouring your journey and creating a legacy

At the time that tragedy strikes and life completely seems to suck, you are usually stuck in such a thick fog of crappiness that you can’t see that a story is starting to take shape. Once you learn to see yourself as the leading role on the stage of life, you know that your journey is giving you experience that can one day be honoured in story-form. This legacy can circulate through generation to generation as it has done since the dawn of woman and mankind.

5. You’re Building trust, which could boost your abundance levels

If you’re an entrepreneur or blogger, storytelling is the most impactful form of currency you can use to build your brand and cultivate trust with your readers. Once they feel they know you, they will be much more likely to want to spend their money on your products or services. Writing with a direct salesy agenda is fast becoming a saturated commodity.

6. You’re transforming pain into power

You are being whipped into shape and your soul is being sculpted with pain as your teacher. Every shitty thing (and anything really) that has ever happened to you has contributed to the person you are today. When you make peace with the pain and see it as a tool to transform into power, then you have equity to leverage and help others. Plus, you’re community building. Since I have had 5 miscarriage in 8 months, I have decided to share my struggles very publicly in order to create a conversation about pregnancy loss. I have been inundated with so many emails and messages filled with advice, inspiration, sympathy, positive energy and love. It’s so beautiful and overwhelming and never would have happened had I not stepped up and turned my pain into words that transformed into communicative energy.

7. You’re offering quality content to your readers (which so many people don’t do)

Once you learn how to craft your story into a coherent and well-written piece of content you’re offering a new level of quality that most bloggers never quite get to. Most people play it safe. However, there’s a reason why reality shows are so popular. It’s a real-life glimpse into the lives, hearts and minds of others. If you keep it real and raw you will win friends and influence people in any situation.

8. You’re facilitating healing (and getting free therapy)

If you just write your story and get it off your chest, even if you never share it with a single soul then you are facilitating a form of healing that will be very valuable to you in the long run. It’s extremely cathartic to expound into words how life has sculpted who you are.

The beautiful Maya Angelou wrote: “There is no greater pain than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

9. You’re not letting the villains/bad guys win

So to be clear, it’s not a competition and it’s out of the question to name and shame people you believe have ‘done you wrong’ but by neutrally sharing your experience you share your side of the story, and everyone knows there are two sides to every coin. I have openly shared my experience of domestic violence but I have never named my ex-husband or said that it was all his fault. I whole-heartedly believe that violence is wrong, but at the same time I own my part in that particular story. Owning your participation in events, from a non-victim perspective is the best way to communicate your story in the form of lessons.

10. You’re strengthening your authentic voice

Speaking up feels so good. For years I was never brave enough to tell my friends or family where bruises came from after explosive arguments with my ex-husband. Now I can openly and proudly tell people about the abuse. When you speak from a genuine place of authenticity without an agenda then your soul’s wisdom can step forward into the limelight and truly impact others. Also, learning not to take everything so seriously can help as well.

11. You’re paving a more illuminated path for others that might make the same mistakes that you made

I had a speaking gig at a businesswomen’s network and was sharing my story about having an affair when I was 29 and how it was one of the most painful and best things that I could have ever done because it was the catalyst for my freedom from abuse. I have a snapshot in my mind of the shocked faces in the audience. Yes, there was probably judgement but as Rumi once said: “Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing is a field, I’ll meet you there.”

12. You’re being of service to the world

One of the things I know for sure is that you really feel alive when you are helping others. It’s a huge freakin’ buzz that is probably more addictive than coffee or smack. When you share your story, the bottom line is that you are putting it out there that you might help someone. You’re doing it selflessly too because you may never hear any feedback from the person you have touched. The energy you put out there to the world will always come back to you. When you write, always set the intention that it will get to the people that need to hear it the most.

13. You’re opening the door to unique and exciting new opportunities

When you start this heart-to-heart based writing as a regular practice then the sky really becomes the limit. You could attract media opportunities, interviews, guest writing gigs, speaking gigs or get sent free stuff. You’re putting yourself out there baby! And life will always give you back in direct proportion the energy you’re willing to put out there.

14. You’re expanding your levels of bravery

It might seem like the scariest thing in the world sharing intimate or personal details with others, but it expands your levels of bravery that have the power to filter into other areas of your life that you might need a little confidence boost in. For example, you might feel more empowered to walk up to a total stranger and spark up a conversation. You could even feel like you could charge more money for your services or products, or you might even feel more ready to try new and exciting things that you have been too scared to explore in the past. Bravery is a beautiful form of energy that can take you on some amazing adventures.

15. You’re living proof that life is beautiful, ever-expanding and worth every step of the journey to get you to where you are today

In conclusion, if you feel the little glittery sparks of inspiration in your gut telling you that it’s time to write and share yourself on a more personal level with the world, please follow your heart and intuition on this one. You won’t look back. The time is now.

ps. if you do want to get published in a bestselling series in 2014 and add ‘published author’ to your bio please note that our upcoming Heart to Heart series is currently accepting applications.



Facing Uncertainty – Milestones, The Present Moment and Praying for Miracles

**(This post is dedicated to my beautiful husband Sean. I’m ALL in, for life and beyond).

About two weeks ago I peed on a stick and the two pink lines showed up which means I am pregnant (yet again). This is number 5 in just seven months. The news was a complete surprise as I was looking forward to giving my body a little break after suffering four consecutive losses. The news landed just a couple of days before my highly anticipated appointment with the recurrent miscarriage clinic at the Mercy Hospital here in Melbourne.

They took between 12-14 vials of blood and ran all of the tests under the sun to figure out what my malfunction is. I was also prescribed progesterone pessaries (oh boy, too much information!).

A few days went by and I started to bleed and cramp, paired with all of the usual suspects associated with an impending loss. And as you could imagine my mind is racing at a million miles an hour thinking that this can’t be a good sign.

Sean and I were in the ER for most of Monday. My HCG levels had risen in 11 days and I was given the all clear by the doctor that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with my tests and all of my losses were due to ‘inconclusive reasons’. I was then told to go to level 3 for an internal ultrasound to see if they could see what’s going on.

At this stage I am (roughly) 5 weeks maybe 6, so it’s super early. The room goes dark and the technician looks at my kidneys, my liver and tells me my uterus is in superb condition to be able to carry a baby to term.

They see a tiny sac and yolk sac, but no fetal pole. The doctor and the technician can’t say either way whether it will work out or not, it could go either way. This was not very reassuring.

Sean and I then had to go back downstairs to wait in the ER for the doctor to fully explain the results.

“It doesn’t look good. You have quite a ‘big bleed’ in there and it’s likely you will lose this pregnancy. You’ve just had a horrible run of BAD LUCK.”

So it wasn’t a no and it wasn’t a resounding yes. Here we go again into the land of limbo.

Holy fuck. Bad luck? Really? My eyes were stinging with the news as I was trying to hold back a tsunami of tears.

Not again. Please God, not again.

I was being prepared for the worst and yet my mind still wants to question the accuracy of the diagnosis and hold hope.

There is a chance that this little life could pull through and grow. I have to wait until Tuesday to see what’s going on. There are thousands of ‘success stories’ out there from women who were wrongly diagnosed.

Am I scared? Am I sad? Yes. Am I brave, hopeful and trying my best to keep this in perspective and pray my arse off for a miracle to happen? Youbetcha.

This process has been such a wonderful training ground to bring it back to what’s most important in life…your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Mental health is a serious issue and if I’m 100% transparent here, my self-worth has taken a huge bashing over the last 8 months. I feel like I have been on a fierce training ground to cultivate compassion within myself, to see the love and commitment that my husband and I share, to cherish each day as a gift that I can stay pregnant and to take everything moment by moment and turn it into a milestone to celebrate.

My dearest mentor reminds me that being comfortable with the idea that it’s not going to work out this time, or maybe it will will be a powerful and important element to moving forward and accepting change. Everything changes, all the bloody time. It’s a constant force churning the cogs of humanity. Uncertainty is something we all have to face in our lives. It totally sucks, but the awareness that life is taking us on a wild ride helps immensely.

I can’t wrap a threatened miscarriage up in a pretty personal development bow and make it seem fun and educational because it’s one of the most anxiety-ridden experiences I have ever had. But what this effed-up, scary time is teaching me is that beautiful acts of compassion are everywhere. I’m learning and growing through the connection and amazing women and their wisdom that has emmerged from the energetic ashes of my loss.

Being pregnant is a powerful teacher that we are always ‘expecting’ whether we’re knocked-up or not – that life expands, changes who we are, and gets us to newfound levels of beautiful awareness.

I promise to write an update as soon as I can. In the meantime, positive energy and prayers would be greatly appreciated.


The Power of Hitting Rock Bottom

Hitting rock bottom is a blessing. You’re at the end of your rope, at your wit’s end, up to your ears in despair and ready abandon ship. At this point in your life there is only one way to go and it’s usually up. It’s time to reframe your perspective and re-assess what you really want to create in your life.

The defining happy moments and highlights in our lives are cherished – when a child is born, wedding days, landing a book deal etc. But in hindsight (oh, what powerful teacher) there are the defining low points in our lives that we know shaped who we are today.

We look back and see how emotional pain illuminated a new path and created profound change.

Hitting rock bottom is just an illusion and an opportunity for expansion. I’ve hit it so many times myself in various ways, but the awareness that it can always be worse is an extremely important tool for your spiritual toolbox.  You can’t always remember when you’re in the thick, all-foreboding raptures of rock-bottomness but it’s important to note that any time you feel overwhelmed by life not going your way that it’s all part of a beautiful story that is being woven by your soul.

So if you’re crying uncontrollably, feeling hopeless, uninspired, overwhelmed, angry or even depressed, please have some self-compassion and ask for support. Surround yourself in gentle reminders that tough times pass and that everything will always look a little better tomorrow. Try things like shifting your energy by doing new things or getting clear about what you want to manifest in your life.

One of my most favourite quotes by Florence Scovel Shinn is this:

“Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.”

Rock bottom is apparent failure at her best. Ride it with gratitude and watch how strong you become.





7 Vital Items for Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox

7 Vital Items for Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox

There are literally hundreds of readers out there that have asked me to write this post for a long time. They want to know the exact tools that I use in order to get stuff done in online wonderland. For those of you that know me, you know that I only promote things that I have used and things that I love. AND…as an upfront honest to goodness entrepreneur, there are a few affiliate links below, but only because abundance is the lifeblood of successful entrepreneurship. So here goes…

1. Productivity Apps

Wunderlist - I love using this to-do list app so much. It syncs between iPhone/iPad and my Mac. Very cool indeed and the design is beautiful.

Evernote – this is a fabulous catch-all system for inspiration and projects. Again, I love how it can sync between all devices.

2. Ecommerce Solutions/List Building

Ontraport – if your list is smaller than 5,000 I would recommend using a service like Aweber.  Ontraport (previously Office AutoPilot) is a wonderful all-in-one solution for keeping all of your contacts and customers in the one place. Their mission is to support entrepreneurs in delivering their value to the world by removing the burden of technology and automating their business. All of the top-notch entrepreneurs that I know use this service to prompt fabulous business growth.

eJunkie – This nifty little shopping cart service is only $5 per month and is really powerful. Plus it offer a free affiliate platform for you to create for your digital products as well. It’s super easy to use and looks really basic but can get some powerful results if you’re on a budget. I’ve been using eJunkie since 2007 for my products under $50 on – for our higher ticketed items we use Ontraport.

Hybrid Connect – this is the best WordPress plugin to build your mailing list and we all know that no business can flourish without a list. Hybrid-Connect can create pop-ups, boxes for the bottom of your blog posts and also sidebar widgets. It also has the ability to do A/B split testing so you can gauge what is working the most effectively and optimise your results. This is super important and well worth the investment if you want to increase your opt-in rates. Mine went up by about 3000 in a month… ’nuff said.

3. Old School Brainstorming Tools

This might seem a little basic but old-school pen and paper are sometimes the most effective business tools you can use in order to generate new ideas and unplug from the distractions on the internet. Take yourself to a park or a cafe and allow yourself to just flow your thoughts onto paper about what’s next in your business plan. You will be amazed at how awesome the connection between the mind and hand-writing can be.

4. Financial Management tools

You know the old saying about death and taxes? Well it’s true, the two are inevitable. If you’re a serious entrepreneur, no matter what size your business is, you want to invest in a good accountant. Unless (that is) you love accounting and are really good at it. When Älska Publishing grew really fast we knew we needed an accountant that could work creatively with numbers and eCommerce in particular.

If you’re in Melbourne then we highly recommend 360 Partners.

WE also use XERO financial accounting software. The very last thing you ever want to do is not have your taxes in order. That can royally screw everything up. ALSO: Remember to feel good when you pay tax because it means that you are making money!

5. A tribe to support and inspire you

As an entrepreneur it’s so important that you connect and surround yourself with other entrepreneurs out there. We all virtually speak the same language of passion and purpose. Finding an online tribe that can help support you on your journey is vital. You might save yourself literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on very steep learning curves to be able to tap into the professional wisdom of others. Check out my personal mastermind group. Currently I have hundreds of amazing students that are all doing awesome things in the entrepreneurial space. Check out: - spaces are limited. 

6. Design tools

I use Photoshop for most of the design work I do.

As entrepreneurs, unless you love design and are good at it, you should hire professionals. For our publishing company we have the most awesome designers to design the book covers. Please check out some of the work here if you’re looking for an ebook or paperback cover. Check out what our clients have said:

For Instagram quotes that can be customised and ESPECIALLY if you don’t have good design skills is an app called WORDSWAG. This app is seriously one of the most awesome apps on the market for font junkies like myself. Creating picture quotes are one of the best ways to stay in the awareness of your audience on social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

7. Soulful inspiration in your ears

Check out OMLIFE by MindValley which have some really cool tracks to prompt productivity. Sean and I really love the ‘focus’ track.

Listen to Mozart. Apparently it can make you smarter and more productive too. Worth a shot for sure. have some outstanding radio stations that you can choose from.






5 Powerful Ways to Ignite Your Authentic Self

I felt inspired to share 5 Powerful Ways to Ignite Your Authentic Self because it’s important to check in to see if you’re honouring your true self or not listening to her…

Stop comparing yourself to others.

This soul-corroding activity is responsible for eating disorders, self-worth issues, wars throughout history and constantly playing catch up because you’re not strong enough to believe in your own powers of uniqueness.

Next time you find that you’re comparing yourself to others, make sure you stand back and remember that you are your own wonderful concoction of awesomeness.

Define your own version of success.

Not what other people ‘think’ you should be achieving. Make sure that the way you want to attract abundance and prosperity in this world is based on the desires in your heart. Make sure it resonates with the truth that you hold and the intentions you would so dearly like to make come to fruition.

Listen to your intuition.

The whispers, the little signs, the deep gut wrenching niggles of knowingness are all extremely important to pay attention to – these beautifully hand delivered messages from your higher self need to be acknowledged in order to be honed. Intuition is a craft that can serve the betterment of your experience.

Spring-clean the people that surround you.

Make sure you surround yourself with people that uplift and support you. Make it your task to get rid of any drama in your life in order to allow your authentic self to shine. Never pretend that you’re someone you’re not. And make it your freedom-focussed objective to be kind to your soul and ditch any disingenuous energy – then watch yourself gloriously blossom.

Open your heart to all possibilities.

Learn to love saying yes. Create a filter in your heart that will pause to feel your way into new opportunities as they arise. By opening your heart to new and all possibilities you allow for the expansion of life to bring you new and exciting experiences. Your soul will thank you.

Don’t compromise your integrity.

If something feels off or bad or just doesn’t sit right, then allow it to be let go of. Whether it’s your work, your partner, experiences or plans, make sure you check in with your intuition to allow her to guide the way. She’s rarely wrong and loves to be utilised.

Nurture and feed your soul with belief.

Make time to still your mind. Watch and observe the expansiveness that you feel within yourself through the use of meditation. Allow yourself to feel connected to a power that is of the highest frequency (the Divine, God, The Universe, Source, Force…whatever) in order to remind your true self that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience and not the other way around.

With Love,