Wild Orange Meditation for Abundance

Today’s podcast is a little different. I thought I’d offer a meditation instead of a topic for you to dive in and actually do some powerful, practical and transformative spiritual work. Actually, it’s more like a visualization that I know you’ll love. If you like this style of meditation then you should check out my Manifesting Academy that gives you access to an entire library of different meditations for you to try and fall in love with.

Please note that this Wild Orange for ABUNDANCE meditation has been specifically designed to be accompanied by Wild Orange essential oil and a crystal called a citrine. If you don’t have these two items, don’t worry, this meditation can be used without them and will be just as powerful. However, if you’re wishing to surround yourself with supportive sacred tools that remind you of your power and your intention to amplify your manifestation speed then this is a great place to start.

This Wild Orange Meditation for Abundance can be done daily.

If you try this practice for 7 consecutive days you will radically notice a difference in your mood, in your ability to remain present and in the strength of the belief you hold to manifest your desires.

OK, so now that you’re ready…let’s get started! There are 3 ways you can choose to do the mediation.





You can DOWNLOAD the meditation as a podcast on iTunes.

Or you can listen to it here below…

Before You Begin Your Meditation Session

Before you begin the meditation each day you can either diffuse the Wild Orange essential oil or you can place it on your pulse points diluted with fractionated coconut oils. The wild orange oil helps to cultivate the feeling of abundance. It’s an uplifting compound that imprints itself into your subconscious mind and you associate it with feeling happy, inspired, joyous and abundant. This is a powerful process of ANCHORING your awareness to remember your power.

To accompany the meditation here are the recommended supportive tools…



Get Your Wild Orange Essential Oil Here

Get Your Citrine Crystal Here

Why the crystal and the essential oil?

The crystal called the Citrine is known to be the queen of the manifestation stone. When you combine the power of your affirmation and intention, it is a powerful stone for help raise your vibration for the manifestation of prosperity and abundance. Citrine helps to open your third eye and makes it easier for your intuition to flow and dream big for yourself. You can use any crystal you feel connected to though. There are no rules! Follow your intuition, always. Essential oils combined with crystal power are the perfect thing to help you to anchor and embody Divine energy in the present moment. They help to raise your vibration, steady your frequency and tune into your deep desire to bring clarity to the whatever shows up in your reality. The Wild Orange Essential Oil can be used aromatically (in a diffuser) or topically (on your skin).