When Spiritual People Do Bad Things

Recently my husband and I have been watching an awesome TV series called Hand of God. It’s pretty messed up – laced with dark humour and wrongdoings in the name of seeking divinity. A particular line that the preacher said in his sermon stuck in my mind and I knew I needed to write about it…


Meaning, if life (God or the Universe) doesn’t test you then you can’t grow spiritually.

These tests can come in the form of making bad decisions or when life just shows up in uncertain and painful ways like recurrent miscarriage or the death of a loved one – things that are totally out of your control.

I loved this quote because I find it to be sublime truth.

The best ‘spiritual teachers’ out there have experienced the pits of despair and darkness to get to the light. They’ve been in training in order to know how to manage their energy and help to support others.

For the record, everyone is ‘spiritual’ but I want to address the teachers and the individuals that have consciously declared that they are either light workers, healers, metaphysicians and self-helpers. And I’m not talking about the bad things that have happened since the dawn of time in the name of God or religion…I’m talking about the ordinary people that have made so-called ‘bad’ and painful choices that have caused distress for others and ultimately themselves. These are situations that they had the option of not exploring but did anyway.

It's my hope to empower our shadow selves, the deep, dark and hidden corners of our lives that we keep private. By being honest and open about our paths gives other people permission to learn from our mistakes.

Honesty and transparency can help others step into the light.

Take me for example, and please don’t judge…

I lied to my first husband telling him that I had appointments at metaphysical bookstores to arrange book signings while I was in bed with another man.

Having an affair was one of the most soul-destroying, shameful, painful and rotten things I have ever experienced. It’s taken years to rise above the guilt and move forward.

At the time I felt entitled to do whatever I wanted to do because I had been in a domestically violent relationship for nearly a decade. Life got so painful that I did something that I vowed I would never do and also had judged others for doing as well.

This was the commencement of my undoing which lead to so much emotional trauma. It also disadvantaged my children because we had to live below the poverty line when I made the decision to finally leave my marriage and become a single mother.

What I didn’t expect was that rising above the pain after the dust settled meant that I was forever changed. This experience woke me up. It empowered me. It gave me FREEDOM.

Did I learn something from this? Youbetcha. 

I learnt that loving myself is about doing everything I do in my life with consciousness and awareness at how it will impact others around me. I now know that errors in judgement are great opportunities to grow.

I know that just as putting my hand in a fire will burn me, so too will being dishonest. And as dishonest as I was to my first husband at that time, I was INFINITELY more dishonest with MYSELF.

This awareness (however) doesn’t give someone permission to go out and behave any way they wish in the name of personal growth. It means that life and the fuck-ups we make along the way are exquisite opportunities to heal, to forgive and to forge forward.

If you’re currently experiencing this darkness, the contrast of life or any emotional pain please take a moment to step back and know that this too shall pass. It will.

Right now you are being tested, strengthened and prepared to rise into greatness.

I guarantee that all of the ‘gurus’ that you can think of have experienced various shades of adversity to get to the point they can teach people how to walk a better path. These teachers, just like me, are like shock absorbers that help to disippate energy for people. They lessen the severity of the learning curves and can warn you and guide you that there is always a better way.

Your life will transform as soon as you illuminate your heart with the awareness that LOVE is so much stronger and more powerful than any mistake you could ever make.

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