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Vision Boards: Why You Need One

I’m Sarah

Writer. Entrepreneur. Motivational Speaker. Bestselling Author of Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations.

Vision boards gained huge popularity after being mentioned in the hit movie ‘The Secret’ back in 2006.

Over the years I have had tremendous success using this very powerful technique to bring your desires to life. It’s really fun and can be really effective.

Every so often I love to set new intentions by making a new vision board. I recommend you do this at least twice per year.

I become part of the creative process of manifesting by flipping through magazines and cutting out images that spark inspiration in my heart. I turn on some happy music, pour myself a glass of wine and really allow myself creative space to dream big.

A little over a year ago, I had just lost my 5th pregnancy in a row and decided that creating a vision board with a picture of a baby on it (see below) would be a really beautiful and gentle way to deal with the grief and also assist in the healing process. Also note the word ‘BRAVE' in there too – because I had to be.


I believe that by looking forward and not backward was giving me hope that one day my husband and I could share a healthy, happy child. I remember as I pasted the photo of the baby girl on the board I was thinking how awesome it would be that she would one day arrive and be in my arms.

Please keep in mind, I was told I might be infertile and the chances of carrying a child again were very very slim.

Sure enough, I manifested the baby I wanted within just 2 months of creating my vision board (and along with some other rituals I love to use as well).

I have many other personal stories of success like this in my full course called MANIFEST.

So why do you need a vision board?

Because it helps to imprint your subconscious mind to welcome your things/people or experiences into your reality.

If you keep your board in a place that will consistently imprint itself into your mind you are vibrationally creating space for it to manifest into your life.

There are a couple of ways you can create a vision board…

1. Get a stack of magazines, brochures, some glue, scissors and a board and spend time looking for things, words and images that resonate with you.

2. Or you can buy a ‘My Life Map’ vision board creation kit from my friends over at LaDonnaMaderna

3. You can create a ‘Manifesting’ board on Pinterest and set an alarm on your phone to look at the images for at least 5 minutes every day. Being in a post-meditative state is extremely helpful as well.

And if you really want to understand the science behind the vision board process you’ll LOVE the ‘Focus and Design’ module in my course called MANIFEST that I wrote with my soulmate husband, Sean Patrick Simpson. Together we mapped out the most powerful manifesting tools to help you create your own reality in no time. xo