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On Losing Loved Ones: The Transition Back into Oneness

This week the beautiful Dr. Wayne Dyer departed this world for the next chapter of his journey. So too did my mother’s partner (Delwyn Day) after a long struggle with cancer. I’ll be going to his funeral tomorrow to support her, celebrate his life and help to say goodbye to the man that was my mother's musical soulmate.

When death and loss occur in a family it is heartbreaking and requires deep and profound healing and compassion to take place.

Many take comfort in the knowing that there is more to life-after-death than we could possible know or assume.

So today, I thought I’d share my personal belief and perspective about what I feel happens when we transition from our physical bodies to the next phase of our existence.

Note: I am not religious, but I do believe in God, The Universe, Source and the Force etc.

When I was 18 I had a boyfriend that didn’t believe in anything mystical or miraculous – he believed in science. I would cry myself to sleep at night wishing that he would be on the same page as me in terms of knowing that there is a Universal power orchestrating and assisting our lives in ways beyond our levels of comprehension. Our different beliefs ultimately lead to our relationship ending (which was a good thing).

He believed that when you die it’s lights out – you don’t exist any more. All over Red Rover. No encore, no Heaven, NOTHING – just eternal darkness.

No one can say with any level of accuracy what happens exactly when you pass over. There have been accounts of people that have had near death experiences, but it wasn’t the full transition to the other side so no one really knows for sure.

My grandmother (a devout Catholic) said she would meet me in Heaven when I pass over which I have always loved the sound of.

The common thread that binds the near-death experiences or assumed ideals of heaven is an intoxicating feeling of love that pervades everything. Many report being called to merge with this energy and how familiar and soothing it is. You know, ‘walking towards the white light’ etc.

Love is energy. The Universe (God) is energy. God is LOVE.

I experienced a little taste of this when I gave birth to my daughter, Lulu Dawn earlier this year. I don’t know whether it was the excruciating pain of the drugs wearing off during my c-section operation, or the painkillers they pumped into my body, but I feel like I ‘crossed over’ into another dimension for sure.

What I feel intuitively is that death is just the beginning.

When your soul departs your physical body it merges back into the powerful energy that it originated from.

The ego (your personality) and tool for soul growth dissipates and you venture into the realm of Oneness.

Our souls are designed to be sent here in order to learn and grow. Honestly, I remember being intuitively aware of the souls of my children before they were conceived.

Death is a natural part of our lives. However, it doesn’t feel natural when people we love transition first. It feels anything but natural, horrendously cruel and void of meaning or purpose.

However, death (leaving the physical body) after suffering a long illness would feel like such a beautiful release. All of the fear would drop away, the pain, the uncertainty and there would be peace in knowing a cycle is finally complete.

I read in A Course in Miracles recently that said that no one dies without their own consent. Meaning, there is a sacred contract with our souls that we agree upon that has a pre-ordained exit strategy.

However you choose to view death is a personal and private conversation between your heart and the Divine. The most important thing to remember is to celebrate the beauty and fragility of life each and every day and live life to the fullest. Love Sarah xo

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