The Stripper, The Trigger and The Call to Do Powerful Spiritual Work

I often refer to how amazing my manifesting community is on Facebook. We currently have over 19,000 students that are incredible human beings. One member started a post recently, with a picture of herself in the highest of heels wearing super-sexy and oh-so-revealing underwear. Her post in the group started like this…

“I have a confession…
I'm a stripper.”

She explained how she believes that stripping is the only way to earn good money and that her beliefs are shifting around this concept to try and attract abundance through her blogging, and podcasting work as an online sex coach. I felt so incredibly moved by this post and her bravery and commitment to empowering herself to find a better way to rise above her own self-imposed limitations. She also stated that she strips because she wants to, not because she has to – this is a key piece to remember here so you don't take my words here the wrong way.

Keep in mind this post from my student represents less than 1% of the usual content that is shared in the group. The comments that replied to this thread were amazingly supportive and I felt so proud. This is how I responded to her…

“I just want to say how awesome this is and how amazing you are. I had a few people wanting to get this post deleted and I refused for an excellent reason. You're shining a light on your desire to manifest money in other creative ways. You're also inviting people to do some deep spiritual work if they are in a space of judgement. Our triggers and making things wrong are sometimes the most powerful spiritual tools to create compassion. I applaud you for your honesty, your beauty and your work in the world. And also to the commenters of this thread I send so much LOVE to you for embracing the energy of sisterhood, in this incredible manifesting community.”

I have been challenged about this perspective and I want to explain why…

One woman asked if I was changing the manifesting group to a space where people could heal their triggers. And I responded…

“Triggers can prevent us from manifesting, so it's extremely relevant and helpful here in the group for the people that might be open to doing extra spiritual work if they want to.”

Let me just be very clear here when I say that I do not support the exploitation of women in any way. This is purely MY PERSPECTIVE.  However, I choose not the take the beliefs and actions of others personally. What’s the point? You can be a stripper if you want to – and you can even find it empowering if you view it that way. I choose not to circle in those circles AND I’m not going to judge you for your decisions or the journey you’re on. I have a different set of rules that I live my life by and that’s totally cool.

You see, I hold the opinion that if we make something wrong, we actually become a continuum of the energy we’re rejecting. When we rise above it and choose to accept with grace, then it dissipates the emotional reactions we might have to the wrongness. It also helps us to cultivate compassion.

When we judge or criticize, it creates energetic resistance that prevents us from manifesting our own desires.

This awareness can become a soulful invitation to rise up and do some deep and healing spiritual work.

The beauty here is we have a choice how we respond to things that might upset us. We can choose to look away until a time we might feel comfortable to dive into the pain and heal.

I had to do this myself with the post. For example, an old response might have been…

“Ugh. How could she post that? What kind of sleazy dudes will be staring at her? What will her children think of her in the future?”

I actually stopped and admired the body confidence this woman possessed. I’m not sure that will be my fate this lifetime to post a photo of myself in a swimsuit, let alone lingerie!

“Good for her!” I thought and detached energetically.

You see, I live in Las Vegas and the ‘exploitation of women' is everywhere. It’s on billboards, the side of buses, in the local newspaper etc. I’ve driven my kids home from school and they have ads on the radio to recruit 18-year-olds to make money stripping. I've chosen to use it as a key discussion point to educate my 11-year-old daughter and nearly 16-year-old son that there perhaps is a better way to make money. We laugh it off and say it’s not for us.

You see the difference? We’re not choosing to get mad or angry about things that are completely beyond our control or interest. It neutralizes the energy and brings light to the subject. 

**Please also note that Vegas is much more than just gambling, strippers and the reasons why it's called ‘Sin City'.

The beautiful take-away point here is that we can empower ourselves how we choose to behave and respond. I may have mentioned this a million times, but my all-time favorite quote is:

“Show me where God is not?”

It’s amazing how easy this one is to forget at times and how incredibly important it is to lead with love when we remember to do so. The world needs more compassion. xo

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