The Importance of Emotional Empowerment to Set Yourself Free

Have you ever blamed someone for how you feel?

Have you ever pointed the finger at another human and made them responsible for a situation or an outcome? The truth? That’s the fastest path to unhappiness because you’re not willing to claim your power.

But here's what great about that…

You do have the power to guide your energy and your emotions no matter what you are feeling.

The Orchid Effect

I used an example when I was teaching a workshop today of the difference between watering an orchid with pure, clean water as opposed to feeding it with nail polish remover.

What do you think happens? Yep, you guessed it. It shrivels and dies.

We need to view and treat our emotions with care, compassion and kindness or we will never bloom with our beautiful orchid petals of infinite possibilities.

Speaking of which, this week I have hosted two of the three workshops over on Facebook called “Claim Your Power”. The first day have over 10,000 comments and the second day had over 11,000 comments! The idea was to invite the viewers to be involved in the workshop and participate. And they sure did!

This event is celebrating the launch of my latest book called Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations

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The fastest way to set yourself free is to remember that you have the ability to empower your emotions.

Let me tell you more about Dear Universe…

It’s a choose your own journey to creating your own reality..

Feeling powerless, depressed, lonely or sad?

The 100 Mini-Meditations to Rise Above Fear will teach you how to ask The Universe for guidance, emotional support, perspective and wisdom in your times of need.

Wanting to feel more abundant, lucky, loved or inspired?

The 100 Mini-Meditations to Embrace Love will manifest these love-based experiences into your life on a new and vibrant level.

Remember, whatever you want is on the other side of fear.

If you’ve ever been guided to push your negative feelings away to manifest your desires, then it’s time for a new empowering perspective. The real truth is that all your feelings — both the positive and the negative — support your intentions to manifest. All you need is the right guidance on how to use them in each moment as these feelings arise.

Dear Universe will be your guide you can turn to whenever you’re in need of love, wisdom and support.

(Get Dear Universe at your favorite retailers now: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, BAM! Books-a-Million, Target, and more)


  • Soulful guidance on how to spark your conversation with The Universe so you can accelerate your journey to manifesting.
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  • 100 mini-meditations for you to embrace love and remember your power to create your own reality.
  • Powerful insights to enrich your life and spark the magical essence of limitless possibilities.
  • How to keep up the momentum of inspiration and manifestation of your dreams.

Here’s how to choose your own journey…

RISE ABOVE FEAR with 100 mini-meditations for feelings such as…

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EMBRACE LOVE with 100 mini-meditations for feelings such as…

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Dear Universe is more than just a book. No matter what emotion you’re experiencing, Dear Universe will show you how to leverage your feelings and transform your experience for instant manifestations.

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