The Fork In the Road: How to Make An Empowered Decision

Every person that is alive on this planet today, and everyone that has passed before us, has had to make decisions in their lives. Sometimes they are inconsequential like whether to have peanut butter on your toast instead of avocado. Sometimes the decisions are kind of big deal, like knowing when to leave a marriage, deciding to have children, adopting a puppy or quitting your job.

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Each person has a different method to decision-making. Some people feel confident and capable of knowing they are making the right move. Whereas others might be trapped in a cycle of second-guessing themselves.

The key point to remember that making a decision is about using your intuition AND your logic.

It’s a process of weighing up all of the odds – the pros and the cons and acting accordingly.

Another thing to remember is that you can NEVER make the wrong choice because it’s all forming part of your story. You might take a detour, jump a hurdle or be faced with a massive challenge, but it’s The Universe’s way of training you for what you asked for.

When you trust in this process then you can create magic in every area of your life and feel more confident to make more bold decisions.

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