The 7 Manifesting Languages – Which One Is Yours?

You may have heard of the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It speaks of the ways in which we prefer to receive love in our relationships. It got me thinking about the various types of manifesting languages too. How, specifically, we create our own reality through different modalities at different times in our lives in conjunction with The Universe.

I like to believe that we’re not just locked into one “language” for life. I like to see beyond labels and stories to tuning into inspired flows that serve us throughout life. 

The ultimate relationship we are in is between ourselves (our higher selves) and The Universe. We are always co-creating our reality around us. 

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When we set an intention, The Universe responds to our emotions and our vibrational frequency. It’s a sacred dialogue and mutual exchange of pure love. 

Your Manifesting Language is determined by the joy that is sparked in your heart when you think of how The Universe expresses progress and transformation through your experience.   

This is a brand new concept that I’ve been incubating, so I’m so excited to share my ideas with you on this subject.

Here are the The 7 Manifesting Languages. You can read along below, OR simply download and print my free quick reference guide HERE.

1. Signs, Dreams & Visions

When you see signs of alignment they are a gift from The Universe. It fills up your cup to receive a Divine wink to say that you are infinitely supported. Whether you have the gift of vision in your mind’s eye to see the future, you are sent a dream or you see the number 111 on a license plate – if you feel joy and confirmations from this occurrence then this is your manifesting language. 

Dear Universe, Thank you for the signs, dreams and visions that I am in the process of manifesting my intentions. So be it, so it is. 

2. Knowings, Insight and Instinct

Your manifesting love language is confirmation in the form of intuitive insight. It’s truly a beautiful thing to be able to lead with your gut instinct and your discernment. Your level of clarity that The Universe delivers through you is special and rare. The Universe strengthens its connection to you through your insight, your wisdom and your natural instincts to choose the highest path of peace, creativity and service. 

Dear Universe, Thank you the gift of intuitive insight and wisdom. May I always feel guided in the moments where I need guidance the most. So be it, so it is. 

3. Gratitude + Appreciation

You’re grateful for being here. You’re grateful for whatever shows up. You might even appreciate the tiniest of details that appear in your reality because God is in the details. The Universe flows love through you in the most powerful way when you are in a state of gratitude and appreciation. It feels good and embodies the energy of pure happiness. 

Dear Universe, Thank you for everything that appears in my reality. So be it, so it is. 

4. Joy + Playfulness

Kids have this manifesting language dialed in automatically. They don’t fear being judged, they trust that everything will be taken care of, they are present and take one moment at a time. Joy is the ultimate currency of consciousness. The more you experience joy, the more The Universe can flow through you with inspired ideas and open your heart to new and exciting opportunities and possibilities. 

Dear Universe, I now embody the child-like essence of playfulness and fun. Send me people to share this energy with. Make me giggle daily and give me a feeling of joy throughout my days. So be it, so it is.

Which one of these are you resonating with the most? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below. And in the meantime make sure you download this article as a free printable.


5. Creative Flow + Artistry

The Universe flows love through you in moments and seasons of your life when you create art. Whether you are a poet, a chef, pick some flowers and display them in a vase – the Universe is rippling through your energy field for creating something from nothing in the present moment. It’s beautiful, authentic and transformative. 

Dear Universe, Thank you for the flow of creativity to express my emotions and ultimately your love and energetic frequency. So be it, so it is. 

6. Synchronicity + Connection to Others

There are no such things as coinkydinks (coincidence). Everything happens for a purpose but not necessarily a reason. When you experience a synchronicity such as you bump into an old friend you were just thinking about it’s The Universe amplifying your flow of possibility. If you’re a people person then it’s so magical when you are an event of thousands of people and you frequently bump into your soul family. I’ve had this happen to many times where birds of a feather flock together. It’s truly magic. The Universe brings you together for a purpose. If you feel excited by this flow then this is your manifesting language.  

Dear Universe, Thank you so much for sending me my soul family and like-minded kindred spirits that nurture me and support me on my journey to manifesting. So be it, so it is. 

7. Meditation + Prayer

This modality is universal. When you sit, stand, laugh, exercise, make love, walk in nature with stillness in your heart, in deep reverence for creative and omnipotent energy then you are an active love-letter to The Universe. 

When you cast your heart out to the ocean of limitless possibilities then The Universe will respond. Every, single, time. It might not seem instant, but it is. You just have to trust that your language of prayer will translate and override even the highest walls of adversity. 

Dear Universe, I connect with deep reverence, surrender and presence to all that is and will be. So be it, so it is. 

Which one can you relate to the most? Feel free to comment below. Also, if you'd like to dive deeper with your connection to The Universe then get my latest book: Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations.

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