The 5 Reasons Why A Leopard CAN Change Its Spots

I got trigged when someone on Instagram stories recently was talking about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. This lady was referring to a photo snapped of the pair at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, recently. Body language experts assume that the old romantic flame they shared might be re-sparking. Ultimately, it’s none of our damn business!

So getting back to this triggering Instagram story…

The woman declared that she still believes that Brad is not a good guy since he cheated on his wife (Jennifer Aniston) about 15 years ago. She pretty much said that a leopard cannot change his spots – which I disagree with since I also had an affair 11 years ago during my first marriage. I recorded a podcast to explain how this unintended shaming raised up pieces of shame within myself.

In this episode you are invited to rise above judgment and not to make assumptions.

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why I Believe A Leopard CAN Change Its Spots

  • 1. You are always changing

As humans, it’s impossible not to change and transform as life unfolds. No one stays the same for the duration of their lifetime.

  • 2. Your character matures and changes over time

When I think back to some of the decisions and choices that I made when I was younger, I would never make them now! Maturity is a gift that comes with time, environment, community and experience.

  • 3. Painful experiences teach us how to behave

Once you know that something is painful, it’s usually the best thing to avoid doing it again. When my son Thomas was two I told him not to put his hand near the iron because it was hot. He did it anyway – which was the last time he did it.

  • 4. The past does not define the future

We are not the sum of our past choices or experiences. We are the sum of the awareness and the clarity we can bring to the present moment.

  • 5. We live in an infinite Universe of infinite possibilities

We do! When we rise above judgment of ourselves and others, and show up with compassion then our magnificent potential is revealed.

So what do you think? Can a leopard change its spots? Can a tiger changer its stripes? I’d love to hear your thoughts below…