Stop Apologizing for The Things You Want and Honor Your Voice

Something really interesting happens when we don’t feel worthy enough to step up into our own magnificence. We shrink ourselves in order to make others around us feel comfortable. We undervalue the power we have to take a stand and make a difference or to manifest what we desire. Can you relate to this? Or does this sound like someone you know?

The “people pleasers” typically don’t know how to say NO, to set firm boundaries and to use their vote to be heard in a situation that requires compromise or negotiation. I know this all very well because I’ve experienced this firsthand.

What happens as the result of not speaking up time and time again is an extremely destructive pattern that starts to manifest in a myriad of other not-so-appealing ways such as anger, depression, overwhelm, resentment and the nasty long-ass list of other things that tend to unravel.

The point of power you have is in the way you express yourself.

As humans we don’t all have to agree on things. So if someone says something that ruffles your feathers you absolutely have permission to speak your mind. It also works the other way where you should feel entitled to share your perspective without fear of being judged. You just can’t be a doormat because you’re wasting precious time.

When you are unable to use your voice then you create an block in your flow of energy. Things will become increasingly more difficult to manifest until you develop and strengthen the spiritual muscle required to honor yourself and be heard.

But where can you begin?

It starts with practice and cultivating awareness in each moment that presents you with an opportunity to voice your opinion, comment or that requires an answer. You need to feel your way into the situation and ask yourself if you’re in alignment with whatever is being presented to you or asked of you.

Learn how to delay your responses so you can go away and think about them. This helps the “people pleaser” to train themselves out of wanting the immediate gratification of approval by saying “yes” when they’re not fully convinced. This is a chronic issue for people that like to put themselves before others.

Communication is where the most of your self-honoring will take place. So for instance, if someone says something that completely revolts you, or is derogatory in any way, you need to know where to draw the line and feel totally okay speaking up.

After all, it’s a human need to want to be visible, to be heard and to be respected. So when you’re constantly apologizing to people for yourself and your needs then you create a massive disconnect within your heart. Your goals, dreams, wishes and desires literally come to a stand still until you can OWN them with pride, with enthusiasm and with fearless excitement that you are on an inner journey to nurture yourself and your soul.

Life is too short to not create the world around us, in a way that makes us feel empowered.

If you would like to know the process that I used to manifest my desires and strengthen my ability to use my voice then please check out my course called MANIFEST. It’s a sacred space for you to map out all of your dreams and wishes fearlessly. xo