Spiritual Comfort When Your Specific Relationship Won’t Manifest

This post is written for people that want a specific relationship to manifest and the other person doesn't feel the same way….

Unrequited love is really tough. It’s painful, drawn out, very sad and keeps you suspended in a whirlwind state of questioning everything like…

“Are we really meant to be together?”

“The psychic told me that we’re going to be together.”

“I think we’re Twin Flames.”

“He said he’s going to leave his wife soon.”

And the list goes on.

My heart goes out to these people. My heart goes out to you, if you're reading this and it resonates with your current situation.

Please note: I wouldn’t attempt to write about things I haven’t experienced, so I’m writing with the utmost sensitivity here. I’m writing to you in the hope that you’ll take this advice and shift your perception.

Here are 7 things you should remember when your specific relationship won’t manifest…

1. You can’t use The Law of Attraction to manifest a specific person to be in a relationship with you.

A person has free will and their own Divinely guided trajectory to follow. This might sting a little, but if they are not aligned with you, then they will not be an active part of your daily life.

2. Be aware that looking for ‘signs’ from the Universe can be dangerous.

I recently wrote this article called 7 Signs That The Law of Attraction is Working for You. The hidden danger though is if you’re in a situation where you approach it with the energy of desperation – then you start to attach meaning to things that can sometimes be totally random and meaningless. Actually, the more emotionally fragile you are about the whole situation means that the signs are often off.

I know this is hard to hear, but alignment with NOW and being comfortable with simply ‘what is’ is where the signs have the most meaning. Signs then manifest as a little wink from the Divine that you’re feeling harmonious. If you must ask for anything from the Universe, ask for alignment to feel happy no matter what.

3. Always be open to all possibilities.

Be open to ALL possibilities. Remember that the Universe will sometimes deliver your goodies in ways that you don’t expect. Be ready for anything and fine with whatever shows up. This could mean that your true soulmate isn’t who you think they are.

4. You are worthy of true love that is effortless and beautifully aligned.

When you spend days, months or even years obsessing about a person that is unobtainable right now in your life then you are acting from a place of seeking safety, validation or approval from the other person. You are handing all of your beautiful power over. True worthiness is knowing when to draw the line in the sand and let go.

5. Divine timing is always perfect.

Learn to trust that the Universe has your back. Just because you’re not currently in a blissful relationship with a soulmate doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen soon or when it’s meant to. Trust in TIMING, but don’t put your life on hold.

6. You can’t change people.

Let go of the need to control others, because you can’t. It’s not your soul space to dominate.

7. This time in your life is an opportunity to grow.

As horrendous as it might feel, there are so many beautiful lessons to be had when your relationship doesn’t manifest. It’s teaching you how to be comfortable with uncertainty and how to be more present. These are the top 2 biggest lessons a person can master in their lifetime. Be proud of yourself that you’re aware that amazing growth is currently taking place.

The key point that I really want you to feel is this:

You are so worthy of love. If you could do anything right now, in this moment, that will give you the greatest level of comfort…start loving yourself and mapping out your path moving forward no matter who is coming along with you for the ride. You are the star of your own show. You are a magnificent energetic being that is perfectly aligned with everything that shows up in your life. You are fine with it all and you don’t push against reality because you know that going with the flow is a true miracle. xo

From one moment to the next you are a new version of you. A little wiser, sometimes a little slower, quicker to laugh at yourself, hopefully more grounded and open to all possibilities.

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