The “Raw-est” Talk I’ve Ever Delivered About My Lowest Point

When I agreed to be filmed for this, I hadn’t planned on ugly crying in front of an entire room. 

Two days after the video was posted on Facebook, it was viewed 10 million times. 

It’s now up to over 55 million.

I remember feeling like a nervous wreck the week before the video was released. I was bracing myself for negative comments about my appearance, my tone of voice, my message, my delivery, my life

Of course, there were the handful of viewers who conveniently pulled “what you should have done” card. But their criticisms were quickly drowned by an influx of overwhelming support, kindness, and compassion from thousands of others. 

The most inspiring of all were comments from other women who had also suffered from domestic abuse, who felt compelled to step up and share their own stories, empowered by mine.

If you haven’t done so, I invite you to watch the “rawest” talk I’ve ever delivered, about the lowest point of my life, compressed into this 6-minute video below (make sure to turn on the audio).

My name is Sarah, and it’s great to meet you again this way 🙂 

I wanted a fairy tale wedding, instead I got this…

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Transform your life with her book, Dear Universe: ?

Posted by The Daily Goalcast on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

If you want to discover how I left 10 years of domestic violence behind me and rebuilt my life from scratch, my book, Dear Universe shares some key personal anecdotes, a-ha moments, and more importantly — the mini-meditations I designed to guide my emotions and my energy towards creating the life I desired; the life I gratefully lead today. 

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