On Plagiarism + the Sacred Space Between A Writer and Their Work

A few years ago my son was given an assignment to write a poem for his literature class. I found it accidentally and was so profoundly moved by the beauty of his words and the exquisite gift he had for alliteration and creative construct.

The theme of the poem was about teenage ‘issues’. It was an articulate, well-crafted insight into the brewing emotional landscape of a soul that could feel on such a deep and profound level.

My husband then had to the ‘genius idea’ to Google a few of the words from the poem and can you guess what popped up?

You guessed it…

THE SAME POEM that my son had literally ripped off from an award-winning poetry website.

This was a severe learning curve for my son. He is one of the most honest and fair people I have ever met. This incident, however, was one of those teenage fuck-ups that you have to experience to know how far you can push the boundaries. Needless to say, Sean and I came down on his like a ton of bricks and he had some severe consequences for his actions. I think it was no Playstation for a month or something like that. Thomas grew stronger from this experience. 

Anyway, today it was brought to my attention that one of my manifesting students had plagiarised my work. Pretty much by copying and pasting the words into her own formatted copy and adding a few carefully different concepts in there in the hope that no one would notice. Even some of the spelling errors were the same!

Yes, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but plagiarism is illegal.

I’m a writer to the core of my soul. Everything that I create comes from my heart and I have a pretty high standard to intuitively communicate content that I know will help and inspire people.

When it’s stolen from me I feel like a huge injustice has occurred.

My ego feels a little bent out of shape right now, but my heart and energy field feels like someone stole my Unicorn horn.

I could only imagine how Louis Vuitton feels with all of the cheap and nasty knock-offs (Gluey Vuitton) in Thailand or Bali.

It’s a creative slap in the face.  Even so-called ‘spiritual teachers’ (like this lady) aren’t afraid to compromise their integrity and steal the words that rightfully belong to someone else.

In my quest to honor my truth, I sent the said plagiarist a cease and desist letter so that her and her associates cannot keep promoting content that is rightfully mine. If you see it, please message me. I’ve already had a few people share their concerns.

The moral of the story?

Don’t pretend to be something or someone you’re not.

There is a sacred space between a writer and their work that is not allowed to be messed with.

If you can’t write your own content then for fuck’s sake don’t steal someone else’s. Karma is a bitch, but there are some beautiful and loving lessons for me to learn from here somewhere right? What are your thoughts? Please feel free to comment below…